Escape From Love (Noise Wave Remix)

Eva Simons & Sidney Samson

I appreciate every Vote :)


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Daysen Kerren3 years ago

I voted for your track and followed you ;)
Please vote for my remix too, I'd appreciate it a lot.
Thanks :)

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Voted! Very NICE!!
Please check our new track “HOLD ME (NEW VERSION)”

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LEXX:3 years ago

I like your track! I voted for you if it's ok with you please vote for me too thx!!!!

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ALVN3 years ago

Voted! please give my 'Escape From Love' a vote back :D

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Tom Vrazo
Tom Vrazo3 years ago

Good productions man voted for ur track in the talent pool and this remix! :)

Can u also vote for my remix and my track next generation? Would be awesome! Thanks.

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P.B3 years ago

Voted! Listen to my Remix of Escape From Love. I tried to bring some summer sounds to this great track. Vote for it, if you like it. Also say what you think

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MMM3 years ago

good job! Voted. Please check my remix - Eva Simons & Sidney Samson
Escape From Love (MMM Remix)

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Naoki P
Naoki P3 years ago

nice track! voted :-)
please check out my track "Asura"!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 years ago

Hey, cool remix, really liked! Nice drums and good synts. Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of Otto Knows ft. Avicii -Back Where I Belong, and vote if you liked

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Alkache3 years ago

Nice track!!!Of course voted!!!

Please vote my new track - Say You Love Me...

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Insteight3 years ago

I like remix! Cool sounds! Very nice work! I voted for your remix.
You also vote for my remix "Escape From Love (Insteight Extended Remix)"! Thanks

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Basic Player
Basic Player3 years ago

Hello i like your remix, it's sound great!!!! vote back for me thx!!!

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Sam KaYY
Sam KaYY3 years ago

Hey Great Remix Great Job There on the Track..
Voted! Check my supporting track if u
don't believe me
And Vote for my Remix of ESCAPE FROM LOVE PlzzZ

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Mertay Tamer
Mertay Tamer3 years ago

Good work bro
my votes for you

checkout my remix for the contest
Eva Simons & Sidney Samson -
Escape From Love (MT Remix)

vote me back

Thanks :)...."""""""""""""""

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GooDMooD3 years ago

Hey NoiseWave,
I really like this track and can hear the effort in your mix.

Could you please vote for my contest remix "ESCAPE FROM LOVE"?- I promise you that I vote back when I find my remix in your "Supported tracks" list !!

Just leave a comment after the vote and I will vote back within a day, so we help each other to reach the top :)
Have a nice day!

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

Voted Noise Wave!!: )

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