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DJ Hollowbase

Big room house - EDM



beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,!!!!
reciprocates if you like !!

Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Xokoo
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Birdsday3 years ago

Hey Hollowbase Nice production. Already voted. It would be great if you could vote back! :)

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Miltreo3 years ago

This track is awesome! You have my vote! Check me out too, follow, comment, spread the love and vote for my remix "Summer on You"! I’ll do the same! I am counting on you!;;;

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André Gerrits
André Gerrits3 years ago

Hey, awesome track, nice mixed, Voted!!! Could you vote for my summer of love remix? ?

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TWINCIDI3 years ago

hi !!! Very good track , excellent vibes! it would be cool if you vote for my song (contest remix) """""SUMMER ON YOU (TWINCIDI REMIX)"""" !
thanks a lot ! kiss by france !

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Dave Max
Dave Max3 years ago

Voted!!!Very good track !!!! Please check out my new track Break Running and please vote it!!!Thank you for the support!!!!!

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ABLENRY3 years ago

VOTED, very nice track, sounds great!
You've got my vote :) (you can check on supporting tracks)

Please support me in the contest! I hope that you give me a vote too..
Check out my remix of Summer On You and vote if you like it!

Thank you anyway,


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FERLOARG3 years ago

Hi HOLLOWBASE i voted for you!! voted Back my new track HOT!! Thanks!!

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi buddie ! I just love your track. There's a lot of work. You can vote for my last remix of " Someone Who Needs Me " in the Talent Pool ! You can see it on my profile ! Thank you !

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Ratsound3 years ago

Voted! Show some love and vote back if you like my song;
Ratsound & Averreo - Molecules

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Apollo 51
Apollo 513 years ago

Hi DJ Hollowbase VOTED for you and listened to your remix...Please vote my remix back.

Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve - Summer On You (Apollo 51 Remix)

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Kaux3 years ago

Hi!, well.... i'm going to be honest, can you listen to my song "Kaux - Urban Tides"? if you liked it feel free to vote! i'll give you a vote back if you voted!(Comment on my song to let me know that you voted, i'll score your comment when i read it)

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Miltreo3 years ago

I like the drop, nice sounds!
Check my latest remix for contest : "Summer On You"!!

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Cikmo3 years ago

Hi! Would you like to check out my track "Worry"?
I need some feedback on it, and if you gave me some i'd really appreciate it!!

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DR. RADEN3 years ago

Nice ! Voted !
Mind to check my new track " Space Bird (Original Mix) "
Please vote and give me feedback !
Thanks Bro !

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Don Daniel
Don Daniel3 years ago

Nice work. Voted. Please vote my new track "Magic".

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Miltreo3 years ago

Nice work with great melody! Voted! Please check my remix for contest "Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve - Summer On You (Miltreo Remix)" and give me a vote!.;

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Fabulous track, DJ Hollowbase! Please check out my track New Life as well. Thanks! . Would be great if you would support mine!... All the best!

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "Sinergy".

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 years ago

Hey, cool track, really liked ! Nice drums and good synths. Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of Gareth Emery - Save Me, and vote if you liked

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