Summer On You (Daniel Bohen Remix)

Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve feat. Wulf

Hi. This is my remix of "Summer On You". A BIGGER room House! If you liked this track, please leave a vote. And let me know what you think. Have a good day! :) Follow me for more: WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/DANIELBOHEN WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DANIELBOHEN WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/DANIELBOHEN WWW.TWITTER.COM/DJDANIELBOHEN


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Check out my remix of Summer On You!! Worth the listen!! Potential winner?????

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The TT
The TT3 years ago

The drop needs a little bit work interms of mixing as the stereo imaging is too weak for such a genre. Also the connections are a little weak.. Still you have my vote!!. Check my remix out on the same song Summer on You If you have any time..

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KARR3 years ago

Good job!! Finally a remix that had a bit of big room vibe in it. I like it and you get my vote!
If you wouldn't mind, could you check my remix out, share your thoughts on it and maybe give it a vote! ;)
I'm a 15 year old aspiring producer from Finland. Hope all the best for you in this contest!

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Shawn Bryson
Shawn Bryson3 years ago


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Angus3 years ago

I have voted! Vote for my remix of Quintino X Cheat Codes - Can't Fight It! :D <3

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Repin3 years ago

Cool remix)
i voted you track!)
please vote back on my remix=)))

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iamSHUM3 years ago

very cool remix!!!!!!!! Check mine too,
follow, comment, spread the love and vote for my remix "Summer on You"!

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Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg3 years ago

COOL! Im Voted!
Vote pls back for my latest production #Abstract Dance

-Thanks YouR-

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4HK3 years ago

Voted !! Why don't you check my track "Trust" and vote for it if you like it ... You'll enjoy it :) !!

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For The Table3 years ago

Nice Daniel!

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Endevour3 years ago

Voted back!

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zyrca3 years ago

WOW, Really nice Track, Voted! Do u want a #VOTEFORVOTE? Check my remix too on my channel/contests: CANT FIGHT IT (Zyrca Remix) is a Dubstep/Trapstep :)

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beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,
reciprocates if you like !!

Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Lights Out
Follow us on soundcloud if you like and we'll repay the favor!

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febmusic3 years ago

voted back

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NVee Make it bangin'

Hey Daniel, Great track! You have my vote. Please check out My Remix the COMPETITION page. Summer On You - Big Build Up Mix. Many thanks & Good luck.! NVee....

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LOOP83 years ago

Voted!!! Nice Groove!

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ALEXR3 years ago

Voted!!! Good job. Check out my remix "Summer On You" and give your vote if you like it. Good luck!! :)

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m3ji4s3 years ago

sounds really good! check out my remix "cant fight it" it would be nice to have your feedback. i voted for you, hope you do the same thing for me. :)

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Dice W & Ushemer
Dice W & Ushemer3 years ago

A lot of users often deceive the producers with false congratulations, but they don't know that a producer needs advice, tips, for improving!
So I want give a real feedback about your track, because I don't like spam.
Particular style man! Nice percussive mix, good job
You've got my vote :)
Check out my remix of Summer On You and vote if you like it!..

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Easy Exit3 years ago

Nice work, voted :)

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