Summer On You feat. Wulf (Robin Pfeiffer Remix)

Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve feat. Wulf

Check out my Remix of "Summer On You" by @samfeldt and @lucasandsteve feat. Wulf for the Spinnin' Records remix contest. If you like my music please follow the link and leave a vote for my track to support me in the contest. ► Thanks in advance ;)


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Check out my remix of Summer On You!! Worth the listen!! Potential winner???

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Fuocco2 years ago

Good work !
Check out my HOUSE remix
Feel free to vote back :)
Good luck bro :)

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Ducka Shan
Ducka Shan2 years ago

Cool remix mate! You have my vote! Please checkout my submission of this song - Sam Feldt - Summer On You. Many thanks, and good luck!!!!

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F.H2 years ago

Hello, I voted for your worthy work
If it is possible to ask to listen to and appreciate my work, my remix
«Can't Fight It (Remix FH)»
I ask your help friend
Thank you so much :D

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zyrca2 years ago

Hey man, nice remix! Do u want a collab?


Check my remix too on my channel/contests: CANT FIGHT IT (Zyrca Remix)


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Repin2 years ago

good remix
i voted you track!
please vote back on my remix!:)

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SpowZer2 years ago

Nice one! Voted for you! Please check out my remix of Summer on you aswell and vote if you like it! Regards

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Anthony P.
Anthony P.2 years ago

Superb track ! Love it ! I’m listening it everyday now !
You've got my vote !

Check mine please! : Can't Fight It (Anthony Pittet Remix) :)

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Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer2 years ago

I checked your supported tracks and my remix is not listed there ;)
not cool, man

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Blanee2 years ago

VOTED :) Good job! Please listen to my new remix of "Can't Fight It" and vote back. Thank you!

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febmusic2 years ago

Great! Good work.

I voted for you!

Check it out my Quintino x Cheat Codes Remix, and vote me if you like it!

Goodluck for everything!


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P.B2 years ago

Voted! I did a new Remix of the amazing song Intoxicated by Deepend. Listen to it and vote for it, if you like it. I’m so happy that I made this one. It means a lot for me

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Naoki P
Naoki P2 years ago

nice work! i voted :)
please check out my JUNGLE TERROR REMIX!
"Summer On You (Naoki P Remix)"

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Shawn Bryson
Shawn Bryson2 years ago

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. - nvsl clark

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DJ Rabid ™
DJ Rabid ™2 years ago

Robin seriously nice remix , i like it!!! i just voted on your track ... In return can you please vote on my cant fight it remix. i would appreciated alot. thanks man !!! goodluckkkkkk

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MAJOO2 years ago

Awesome remix dude! Want to do a vote for vote? Check out 'Can't Fight It (Markus Johnsen Remix)', and leave a comment when you have voted so I can vote back

- Markus.

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DJ ZDG2 years ago

Hi robin
Voted man good job:) keep it up:)
Check out my remix of Cant Fight It and vote me back if you want:)

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Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer2 years ago

Thanks man :)

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LELOmusic2 years ago

Hey guys check out my remix of "Can't Fight It" by Quintino X Cheat Codes!

It has been Supported by Electro Music Network !

Vote and Enjoy! :D

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Azurnuk2 years ago

Dude that intro was awesome!! I was so excited and then when it came to 0.40 you kinda lost me because i expected something exciting to be honest. Like loud synths with the melody and the vocals behind. Overall you have a great production the sounds are clean so very good job on that!

But i'm telling you you could've got it to better and a whole new level!!! :)

Good luck!

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Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer2 years ago

Hey Mohammed! Thanks for your honest feedback :)
I will definitely work on this :)

Cheers, Robin

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Azurnuk2 years ago

Support me back!
Check out my new 'Can't Fight It' Remix!! :D
Thank You!! :)

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Iuvenis official
Iuvenis official2 years ago

Hi man! I wanted to let you know that I really like your track. I like that punchy kick you used and the deep bass, really creates a great club-like atmosphere. Also nice the first part of your drop is with only that bass, gives the second part an extra dimension I think! You got my vote, because I think you deserve a higher ranking!

I know you get to read this too much, but can you please give my remix of Can't Fight It a listen? Thanks a lot!

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Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer2 years ago

Thanks for your great feedback! I really appreciateit, when people actually listen to my track like you did :)
I'll go check out your remix as soon as possible.

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