Can't Fight It

Quintino x Cheat Codes

Hello guys, I'm Heiserr, Please do listen, comment, share, and vote for my song, thank you :)


NickZisou3 years ago

Perfect remix Heiserr , i VOTE FOR YOU track. Please VOTE BACK on my remix of Can't Fight It ( NickZisou & 2P Remix ) THANKS !

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Aleck Dale
Aleck Dale3 years ago

Very interesting Remix
Check out my Can't Fight It Remix
and a vote would be greatly appreciated!

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Deadwalk3 years ago

Nice Work
Anyone who votes for my remix gets a VOTE BACK and a FOLLOW BACK

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Debro's3 years ago

Awesome track. U have my vote!!! Check my brand new remix of "can't fight it" and vote if you like. thx:))

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Repin3 years ago

Heiserr This remix is amazing!
Cool work!
I vote!
voted me back please)
Good luck!)

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Walt Nipsey
Walt Nipsey3 years ago

The drop sound a bit bad, good Idea, but you could make it better.
You have my listening, but not my vote.
I hope that you'll vote me

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Dailyfools3 years ago

Nice remix! Voted for this one! Can you support back on our new Can't Fight It remix? Thanks ;)

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CreativeAdes3 years ago

Hey Good Work !!! I voted for you !!! Please Support This Track---> Quintino X Cheat Codes - Can't Fight It (Creative Ades Remix) !!! Thank you so much !!! d-_-b ///saas

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison3 years ago

Hi Heiserr ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'3 years ago

nice track here .......please listen and vote for my version of "CANT FIGHT IT " thankyou ;;

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Nabion3 years ago


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Nabion3 years ago

very chill! the plucks are nice!

vote back on my track and comment that you did and i'll be sure to vote back!!

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Thushantha3 years ago

Voted!!Please vote my remix."Quintino x Cheat Codes-Can't Fight It (Thushantha Remix)"

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DJ Rabid ™
DJ Rabid ™3 years ago

heiserr I Voted for you. Vote back please on my

*Check my supported tracks to see i voted*

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CreativeAdes3 years ago

Please Support This Track --->
Quintino X Cheat Codes - Can't Fight It (Creative Ades Remix) !!
! /// Thank you so much !!! d-_-b ///!!! I voted for you !!!

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KPL3 years ago

Damn :) Good one! I love the drop I VOTED :)) Maybe you could vote back my "Can´t fight it" Remix! Thx Nils

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EDGRS3 years ago

Spot on remix dude! Good job, voted :)
Also check out my "Can't Fight It" Future Bass remix and vote back if you like it. Thanks :)

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Pajja3 years ago

Hey Heiserr! Nice remix. I liked your drums and sounds you used. 100% voted!!!
Maybe you can vote for my new remix "Can't Fight It"? I would be very pleased! Thank you for your vote :) And once again, your remix is awesome!

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Kurt Kjergaard
Kurt Kjergaard3 years ago

Cool Remix VOTED.....;)
Please VOte for me too Can't Fight It Kurt Kjergaard Remix

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Blanee3 years ago

VOTED :) Good job! Please listen to my new remix of "Can't Fight It" and vote back. Thank you!!

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