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Hi guys, this is my new track


Indiano2 years ago

YEay bro voted 4 this one!

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Till4AM3 years ago

Very nice idea! Although i do feel like its missing all lower mids and bass frequencies. Let it fill the spectrum, and it will take the song to new heights (Y) I'll look forward to see how you progress in future tracks, i of course voted for you! And i would of course appreciate it if you took the time to listen to my newest song 'Andromeda' as well, and maybe voted for it, as mutual support! ;) Thanks!

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Project M
Project M3 years ago

Nice track!! Voted!! If you don't mind please listen to my track "Lights" :)

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Lowblow3 years ago

Voted! Please check out our last track "ATTACK" and support us too!!

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CLBeat3 years ago

Nice track! Think you could give mine a look?
Check out Earth, Wind & Fire in my contest tab.
Thanks ??

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 years ago

Great work, nice synths in the drop! Bass sounds loud . Voted! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Glare", give feedback and vote if you like it

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F4ST3 years ago

Great Track!
Make sure to listen and vote for our track "Blue (Da Ba De" in the Talent Pool,
Thank you for the support!
If you track is not acepted on spinning talent pool, dont miss to SUBMIT your track to :
PlurRecords[.]us ?.....

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Paul Ray3 years ago

Thanks for Voting my first Track!
Pls also vote for my 2nd Track Unforgiven:)

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Don Daniel
Don Daniel3 years ago

Voted! Very nice track !
Please check out my song "Easy" for the ADE demo drop contest.

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Tchako3 years ago

Very nice track ! you got my vote please vote my track " on the road" as well .

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Mickey Marciano
Mickey Marciano3 years ago

I voted, bro!Can you check my track " Aventador" and tell me what you think, vote if you like it as well :) Tnx!!!

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UrbznSky3 years ago

Dope track! :)) Got our vote :) Check our our new track "Infinity" and show it some love :) <3

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MaekoOfficial3 years ago

Cool song man, I dont hear alot of bass in it. You mixed it with speakers that have bass on max volume?

After being off for a while I am back with my new Single : You ft. Emeline
I hope you can take a listen to it and give me feedback and even Vote for me. :)
Thanks and all the best with your songs, Maeko

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

...VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "The Code"

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IDC Records
IDC Records3 years ago

well done voted Nice track! Please check out my track RELAX on my profile or at the ADE Demo drop contest and vote if u like it. thanks!

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UrbznSky3 years ago

Dope track bro! Voted forshure :) Check out our new banger "Infinity" and see what you think :))

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Zurxes3 years ago

Nice Track Angel..... Voted for you.. Will you please vote back for my track "Sangram"... :)

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Jose_sula3 years ago

Nice track and I voted for you :) Check out my track "Remember"and vote if you like it !

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S!Ri3 years ago

hey guys could vote for my track "Destroyed Violin "
Thanks ........

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

<<<VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "The Code"

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