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A contest (the “Contest”) where contestants (the “Contestant(s)”) from all over the World can enter by submitting their own and original demo (the “Demo(s)”) through the landing page, which leads to the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool platform, by sharing their public SoundCloud upload in order to have an opportunity to win an official release with Spinnin’ Records, an official release with Dharma Records, have their Demo turned into an Endel ‘soundscape and/or an(opening) DJ slot at the ‘talent stage’ on October 19th 2023 at Spinnin’ Sessions ADE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the “Event”). The Contest will be running from August 8th2023up and until October 20th, 2023. 


The terms and conditions (the “Terms&Conditions”) as set forth below. These Terms & Conditions are applicable to the Contest. 


Via the landingpage https://spinninrecords.com/spinnin-academy, the Contestant shall be directed to the Spinnin Records Talent Poolplatform (whereby all content shall be hosted onhttps://spinninrecords.com/talentpool/, including but not limited to, functionalities, contestsand personal information) (the “Platform”). 


The organization consists of Spinnin Records, with a registered address at Danzigerkade 15A, 1013 AP,Amsterdam, The Netherlands,and its affiliates, and all of its employees and representatives, along with content specific artists, (endorsing) sponsors and its representatives, and agents (the “Organization”). 


Specific details about the Contest, including dates, prizes and rules that are specific to each Contest. The specific terms & conditions may be found on the Contest specific webpages for each Contest. 


Tracks refers to all original audio contentand remixes owned by Spinnin’ Records, its affiliates or its sublabels. 


The Demo must be a new and original audio production without the use of any copyright protected works or samples. The Demo should be accompanied by all requested labelcopy details.If (royalty-free) samples have been used, the name and URL of the samplemust beprovided to Spinnin’without delay. In any event, the Demo must only contain samples that do not require any additional ‘clearances’ other than the clearance provided by the sample owner. 


Participants of the Contest on the Platform must first be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older or have written permission from their parents or legal guardians to enter the Contest. The Contestant is at liberty to enter this Contest and does not infringe upon the rights of any other entity. The Contestant is (legally) permitted to travel and reside in the Netherlands from October 19th2023 until October 20th2023 

You are not eligible to enter the Contest or are eligible for disqualification after entering the Contest if you: 

  1. Are an employee or representative of, or artist(s) exclusively signed to the Organization or are a member of the direct family of employees, representatives of or artist(s) exclusively signed to the Organization; 

  1. Do not comply with the Contest Terms & Conditions; or 

  1. Are exclusively signed to a third-party record label. 


Participants canenter the Contestby submitting their own and original Demo (by means of a Soundcloud upload) via the instructions of thelanding page:https://spinninrecords.com/spinnin-academy.Participants warrant that they have read, understood and shall comply with the general terms and conditions of the Talent Pool website and the privacy policy by entering their email address. 

The terms & conditions and the privacy policy can be found here:  



Participating in theContest is free of charge. Any costs made for creating the Demo are borne by the Participant. 


Each contest will have its respective set of rules set forth in the specific terms & conditions on its respective contest page.  

For each contest, The Organization will announce the winner(s) in a period of time after completion of the contest period as set out in the specific terms & conditions. This period may be later than the day of completion of the contest period for reasons that include, but are not limited to, a large amount of entries, unavailability of judges and/or technical malfunctions. 

For the Contest, Participants agree to the following: 

  1. During thesubmission period in accordance with the instructions on the landing page, Participantsmay enter the feedback sessionwitha team of dance industry professionals, who shall give their feedback to the Participants,after which the Organizationwill choose the first finalistswith a maximumof 30Demo’s(the “Second-rounder(s)”) 

  1. Once selected, theSecond-rounderscouldbe requested to take their SoundCloud and Talent Pool upload offline or change the upload to a ‘private’ web environment. In any event, the Second-rounder shall refrain from any exploitation,distribution or publication elsewhere online or offline while the Contest is still taking place. 

  1. All Second-roundersshall be requested to upload and provide a 20 minute DJ-set via (a) YouTube (link), whereby the video and audio recording shall be in decent quality (according to industry standards) and whereby the Second-rounderis clearly visible on screen. The Second-roundershall provide the recording no later than 48 hours after his or her selection as a Second-rounder. If the DJ-set is not provided within 48 hours, the Organization may solely decide to disqualify the Second-rounder, without consequences.  

  1. The Organization shall select a maximum of sixfinalists (the “Finalist(s)”), taking into account the number of public votes on the Soundcloud Demo upload, the feedback on the Demo by the A&R-department and the feedback on the posted DJ-set. The Finalists shall,upon fulfilling all requests needed by the Organization, be invited to the Event. The Organization shall, per Finalist, borne the expenses of (i)onereturn flight ticket to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam from October 19th 2023 until October 20th 2023(subject to the travel regulations of the country where the finalist is domiciled), (ii) one hotel room in Amsterdam or within close proximity of (the hotel shall be selected in the sole discretion of the Organization) for one night from October 19th until October 20th 2023, (iii) catering atSpinnin’ Sessions ADE for the Finalist (whereby any dietary wishes for a Finalist will have to be submitted two weeks prior to the event)and (iv) one general admission ticket for a guest of the Finalist at the Spinnin’ Sessions ADE event on October 19th 2023. All other costs not specified in this clause shall be exclusivelyborne by the Finalist. 

  1. The Finalists will be available on October 19th 2023 between 10:00am and 23:59pm (Amsterdam time zone) to participate in the day and night program of theEvent. Thewinners of the Contest shall be selected (the “Winner(s)) during the daytime program, and one Winner shall play a DJ-set as an opener at the Event on the ‘talent stage’ during the evening program. 

  1. The Winners that have been selected to release their Demo on Spinnin’, Dharma and/or Endel (for a soundscape release) shall be contacted no later than seven days after the Event for their contracting information. The Winner shall provide their contracting details no later than five working days from the day of the request by the Organization. If the Winner fails to do so, The Organization has the right to disqualify the Winner and choose a different winner from the Finalists. 


  • August 8th 2023 – start of the contest and demo submissions; 

  • September 15th 2023 – closing of demo submissions; 

  • September 22nd 2023 – selection of max. 30 Second-rounders; 

  • September 25th 2023 – start of live-set submissions for the 30 Second-rounders; 

  • October 2nd 2023 closing of the live-set submissions; 

  • October 5th 2023 – selection of max. 6 Finalists; 

  • October 19th 2023 – selection of the Winners live at Spinnin’ Sessions ADE; 

  • November 2023 the selected winners for a release on Spinnin’ and Dharma shall sign an agreement with Spinnin’, whereby the release shall be tentatively scheduled for the last week of November.  

The Organization is, at its sole discretion, allowed to extend the Contest and the timeline up and until December 31st, 2023. Participants explicitly agree that the Organization may schedule a release of a potential Winner on a particular date in its sole discretion. 

By submitting your Demofor the Contest on the Platform, you hereby accept the terms of these Contest Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by the final decisions of the judge(s) and/or the final number of votes, shares and/or comments. 

The Organization will choose the winners at its sole discretion and without the obligation to provideany motivation or reason. The Organization is not under the obligation to (and shall not) correspond with participants, in any way, about the selection of the winning Tracks. The Organization shall in its sole discretion have the right to select one winner for multiple prizes. 

Winners will be notified by email. If the winner has not come forward with a correctDJ-set according to the Contest rules, the by the Organization required information to travel to Amsterdam as a finalist or a signed copy of the exclusive license agreement in relation to the prize, he or she will forfeit their claim to any of the prizes he or she has been considered for by the Organization. 

In case of refusal,by any means solely decided by the Organization, of the Prize by theWinner, the Winner forfeits his or her claim to the prize and the Organization will have the right to appoint a different winner. In any case, the Winner forfeits their claim to the prize, if incomplete or inaccurate information uploaded to the Platform prevents the winner to be contacted by the Organization. 

The Organization can disqualify a participant for the Contest in its sole discretion because of, but not limited to entering a Contest outside the respective timeframe, breaking the Contest Terms & Conditions by means ofincluding but not limited to cheating, or otherwise behaving in a disruptive manner, which may or may not give an unfair advantage compared to other the Participants. 

All Participants agree that their contact information may be shared with the Organization for use of, but not limited to, contacting the Winner of the Contest and for purposes set forth in the Platform’s privacy statement. 


First prize: 

An official Spinnin’ Records release (1) 


An official Dharmarelease (1) 


An opening DJ slotonthe ‘talent stage’ at Spinnin’ Sessions ADE 2023 (1)  


A Pioneer DDJ-FLX10, provided by Pioneer (1) 


Therunner-ups(with a maximum of three (3)) of the Contestcouldpotentially win various prices from sponsors of the Organization (subject to availability of prices by said sponsors). 

The runner-ups (with a maximum of six (6), potentially all Winners selected for this price), could be selected to have their Demo turned into an Endel ‘soundscape’, subject to the terms and conditions of Endel and the Organization. 

The Organization is not responsible or liable for any losses, taxes, damages, injury or health problems that may result from the participating in any of the contest or receiving a prize the Contest. 


The Organization may revise, change or alter these Contest Terms & Conditions and/or cancel, modify or suspend a specific Contest without prior notice in its sole discretion. Such changes will be made public on the Platform and/or official social media channels controlled by (employees of) the Organization.  


Despite the utmost care the Organization spends on the management of the Platform and the specific Contest webpage and the organization of the campaign, it is possible that the information provided on the Platform is incomplete or incorrect. Typos or misspellings or other similar errors by the Organization’s published material of any nature whatsoever, cannot be invoked against the Organization and can in no way create an obligation for the Organization. 

The Organization is not responsible or liable for any technical problems, including the failure of the internet, making possible participation in the Contest impossible. 

The Organization is not responsible or liable for costs incurred by the Participant in connection with participation in each specific Contest. The Participant indemnifies the Organization from claims from third parties in connection with any breach of these Contest Terms & Conditions or in connection with the acts or omissions of the Participant. 

For questions and / or complaints about the Contest, please contact the Organization via info@spinninrecords.nl. 

These Contest Terms & Conditions are exclusivelygoverned by Dutch law. All disputes arising from of or in connection with these Contest Terms & Conditions shall exclusivelybe settled by the competent court in Amsterdam.