ADE Demo Ride

DEADLINE: Oct 13, 2016 12AM CEST.

Mr. Belt and Wezol Demo Ride

Mr. Belt & Wezol are taking you for a ride. A Demo Ride!

It's one of the most popular features on Mr. Belt & Wezol's vlog channel, the Demo Ride. Loaded with a bunch of freshly made demo's, the Dutch duo steps in the car and checks out the music while the camera runs.

Well, during the Amsterdam Dance Event the guys are doing exactly the same, only this time they do it in style. Thanks to car rental agency Sixt, the duo is going to step into a sweet BMW 6 series and cruise the ADE together with you!

Yes, that's right, if you happen to come over to ADE* this year, you can now deliver your demo in Spinnin's Talent Pool, and if your track really stands out you win an exclusive merchandise package, tickets to a Mr. Belt & Wezol show and live feedback from the duo while driving through Amsterdam!!

So, better start working your productional, and join Mr. Belt & Wezol at this year's ADE Demo Ride!

(*) Contenders have to be in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event to compete in, and be able to, win this contest. See our contest rules.