Produce your next masterpiece with one of the 10 Tracklib Favorites of Firebeatz and win a Talent Pool release!

DEADLINE: Dec 16, 2020 11PM CET.

We are officialy launching our collaboration with Tracklib with Firebeatz as the first ambassador from the Spinnin' roster. Tracklib is known for their wide catalog of unique, original music. Ranging from Isaac Hayes to Mozart, you can be using (parts of) these tracks to create your own masterpiece. Just imagine being able to use actual parts of actual songs in your own track, from a 70s soul acapella vocal to a 90s guitar rif. Now you can! 

For this contest Firebeatz have selected their 10 favorite tracks from the Tracklib library for you to choose from. We want you to show us what you've got! Go to to claim your 30 days of free Tracklib subsciription and on top of that get 15 tracks for free. Pick one of the 10 tracks Firebeatz selected and surprise us with your best take on that song! 

Since we’re asking you to show us your skills while using original music, we have to take the copyright control of Soundcloud in consideration. Therefore we ask you to upload your demo via a Dropbox link! Make sure that the link stays live until at least the 18th of December, so we can check your demo. Note that you are allowed to use max. 60 seconds of the track that you are sampling. To really test your skills! Don’t forget to include the title of the song you sampled in the file name of your demo [between brackets] to show us which one you picked!

To make it even more special we have included some amazing prizes for the top 10 winners of the contest. The absolute winner of the contest wins a release on the Spinnin’ Talent Pool Label, a year subscription to Tracklib worth 300 dollars and includes 35 free downloads per month, a meet & greet with Firebeatz, merchandise and more. For the 9 runner ups, Tracklib gives out a standard subscription worth 140 dollars and 15 free downloads per month. For all of your future hits. Do not miss out on this! 

Curious what the 10 Firebeatz Favorites you can pick sound like? Check them below:

*10th Firebeatz Favorite can be found on the Tracklib collection page that you enter after you free subscription.

Want to hear from Firebeatz what it is like to work with Tracklib? Check the video below!

Do you need a short introduction to Tracklib and how to use it? Check out the masterclass they hosted during Spinnin’ Academy XL here!

We have decided to give you all some extra time to hand in the demo’s for the contest and extend it to the 16th of December. Note that the winners will be announced in January 2021.