Spinnin' Records Night at Bootshaus XR

Jan 30, 2022

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We are teaming up with the German worldwide famous club Bootshaus for an exclusive VR event in their new digital club scpace: Bootshaus XR! We are inviting our internationally acclaimed acts, Blasterjaxx, Danny Avila and SLVR for a Spinnin' Night presented by Absolut Vodka at the inaugural immersive event in the Bootshaus XR metaverse. On January 30, at 7p.m CET you can expect a 3-hour night full of the finest electro house music from the comfort of your screen. 

If you have never been to Bootshaus, this is your chance to explore the main floor in addition to all the indoor areas of the Cologne club that have been digitally recreated in the metaverse. All attendees will have the opportunity to move freely and interact with each other, creating an experience similar to the real life clubbing scene. Spinnin' Records Night at Bootshaus XR is free of charge, as the event runs in a normal web browser and can be followed on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet- regardless of the operating system. The event will be VR-enabled without the need for a download.

For all NFT-enthusiasts, on the Spinnin' Records Night event, an exclusive NFT special will be developed in collaboration with James Haunt which will be available on the world's largest NFT marketplace: OpenSea. 

Bootshaus XR including the Spinnin' Records Night event will be available here.