DEADTHEACOUSTIC - Breathe Carolina | DEADTHEACOUSTIC - Breathe Carolina
Dec 20, 2019


Breathe Carolina

After the mighty success of ‘DEADTHEALBUM’ hitting #2 on iTunes in the US, an experiment that straddled the evolving worlds and duo’s own tastes between pop, punk, electronics and more – David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman now offer up fans a unique, stripped-back take of their biggest cuts in recent years from their latest body of work.

‘DEADTHEACOUSTIC’ brings together in harmony the evolution of styles that the pairing have been known to elevate and merge over the years, with this fresh, emotive style set to draw in fans old and new with a new sense of vulnerability, as well as a platform to showcase their talent and abilities to shine out of the speakers.

‘DEADTHEACOUSTIC’ is available on all platforms now!