Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen) - Pickle | Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen) - Pickle
Dec 4, 2020
Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen)

Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen)


The world's favorite pickle is back, delivering a much needed breath of fresh air with 'Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen)'. Pickle is a hotbed for exciting, out-of-the-box dance tunes, and this one couldn't be more spot on - not in the least thanks to mocking all the 'Karens' out there (you know who they are). Long story short: a brand new beast of a tune, out now on Spinnin' Records.

First of all, there's no Karen involved in any part of this track. She's fiction, Pickle based his new single on 'a Karen', the social media meme that came up this year, portraying a character who always asks for the manager, even when it concerns the smallest matter.

So yeah, some frustration there, and Pickle wouldn't be himself if something awesome came out of it. Already known for dropping a series of hit tunes, starting with worldwide DJ favorite 'Body Work' last year, this funky piece of vegetable kept spreading his seeds across the scene. Follow-up single 'Blow' also worked up widespread DJ support and millions of streams, as well as Pickle's biggest tune to date: 'On The Drums'.

This year, the journey continued with more outrageous singles, often bringing together greasy house grooves, quirky samples and catchy lead melodies. Pickle can be blunt, hilarious and in your face, but he always delivers the goods, those much needed party tunes that stand out in every DJ's festival set.

'Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen)' is exactly what you'd hope for. In a year without any festival madness, Pickle delivers it right to your door, with its slick rhythms, cool vocal samples and punchy horn stabs that should get you on your feet in no-time. Besides it airy vibe, it's mostly a highly effective party record, underlining the producers experience to bring out the best with the most basic elements of dance music.

And yes, Pickle is blowing off some steam on 'a Karen'. Won't be the first time, and definitely not the last. If anyone, Pickle is the right guy for the job!

Pickle quote:

"Defending anyone that has ever been attacked by a Karen. We LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE together"!

Pickle - ‘Live, Laugh, Love (+Karen)’
Out now on Spinnin' Records