Megablast - Chocolate Puma | Megablast - Chocolate Puma
Mar 2, 2020


Chocolate Puma

Legendary Dutch dance act Chocolate Puma presents its very own record label Tonco Tone. Using their decades of experience, the duo René and Gaston aims to surprise, presenting a platform for innovative dance music, exciting new talent, acclaimed names and of course their own productions. The guys kick things off with the aptly titled debut release 'Megablast', a raw and sweaty piece of tech house - out now on Tonco Tone.

You could say it's a journey through house, as Chocolate Puma's popular live events are named. With the genre appearing in so many guises these days, René and Gaston are interested in showcasing how diverse house music can be, from warm club sounds to raw, techno styled grooves. 

One of the main reasons for them to start a new label is to be able to share their experience and knowledge they built up throughout the years on both producing and performing. Gaston: “Besides sharing this knowledge we have always felt really inspired by working with talent, so starting this new platform feels to be the next logical step for us.”

In any case, the label will present fresh house music, whether from renowned artists or upcoming talents, or Chocolate Puma themselves. René: "We've heard lots of music in our careers, so it's difficult to surprise us -we're very critical A&R's haha! We want to be blown away by something original, and then share this with the rest of the world. We want to surprise people, and Tonco Tone will be just the place for that." 

Tonco Tone kicks off with the Chocolate Puma produced 'Megablast'. It's a record that builds on fierce tech house beats and raw sounds, including feverish vocal samples and a sweaty vibe that makes it the ideal DJ weapon for the clubs and festivals.

"It's a great starting shot", says Gaston. "Or even a big bang", adds René. "We often also start our DJ sets like this, so everyone knows we're there haha! The title also represents the music we want to release on the label. We expect some megablasts coming our way, bring it on!"

Chocolate Puma - 'Megablast'
Out now on Tonco Tone