Rebels On The Run (feat. Grace Tither) - Chocolate Puma | Rebels On The Run (feat. Grace Tither) - Chocolate Puma
Aug 7, 2020
Rebels On The Run (feat. Grace Tither)

Rebels On The Run (feat. Grace Tither)

Chocolate Puma

Not only are Chocolate Puma coined for being pioneers in the dance/house scene, the Dutch duo are constantly innovating. ‘Rebels On The Run’ is a thrilling amalgamation of pop culture’s finest offerings, from referencing iconic runaways Bonnie and Clyde to nodding to one of Hip Hop’s legendary groups, OutKast. Such intelligent artistic vision, paired with a powerhouse vocal performance from UK Songwriter and Vocalist Grace Tither, is one not to be missed. Buckle up for a hell of a ride!

About ‘Rebels On The Run’

At the heart of ‘Rebels On The Run’ lies the distinctive horn line from OutKast’s supreme hit ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious’. Chocolate Puma have revitalised and paid homage to the triumphant horns with an epic house twist. Exhilarating, laced with an air of mystery, the powerhouse duo play with upbeat synths and eclectic house-infused rhythms. London based Songwriter/Vocalist, Grace Tither, supplies another dimension to the track by adding a dose of attitude and quirkiness. The vocal storyline draws inspiration from criminal star-crossed lovers Bonnie and Clyde, creating a seductive danger that is seriously irresistible. ‘Rebels On The Run’ will leave you ready to drive off into the sunset in a get-away car.

“We were playing around with these horns for a while, but we never came up with the right results.

So last year we had another Spinnin’ Wrting Camp studio session, this time with Will Matta and Grace Tither and we played them the rough version of the song.

We threw some ideas back and forth about Bonnie & Clyde and stuff like Dangerous, Danger Us, Danger U and Danger Me when Grace and Will came up with these criminal lyrics. Grace knocked her vocal performance out of the park with the right amount of attitude and quirkiness, which gave us so much inspiration to finish the prodcution. So here it is: Rebels On The Run.” — Chocolate Puma explains

About Chocolate Puma

Dutch powerhouse duo Chocolate Puma know how to drop house music, they’ve almost invented the term as the guys started out producing music in the early 90s. Most famous are probably The Good Men and Jark Prongo – just check these names on the web and get nostalgic with oldskool house music!

As they helped shape the original house genre, the duo always kept on producing up-to-date tunes under the name Chocolate Puma. As oldskool house sounds gained popularity again, this resulted in several big releases, including their 2016 hit single ‘Lullaby’ (feat. BISHØP), the Tommie Sunshine collab ’Scrub The Ground’, and collabs with Oliver Heldens, HI-LO, Laidback Luke, Sander van Doorn and their early 2018 hit single 'Gotta Get Away'.

Most recently the duo teamed up with renowned dance act Carta for a fresh collab to provide the newly launched Tonco Tone label with a high energy second release. 'Elderly People' saw the guys deliver a cool tech house groove, enhanced by vintage bleeps and sound effects, followed by a freaky breakdown with in your face vocal samples. What’s clear is the duo’s career has not only accelerated to legendary status over the past 30 years, but shows no signs of slowing down.

Chocolate Puma - 'Rebels On The Run' (feat. Grace Tither)
Out now on Spinnin' Records