When The World Was Happy - John De Sohn, Inyang Bassey | When The World Was Happy - John De Sohn, Inyang Bassey
Aug 20, 2021
When The World Was Happy

When The World Was Happy

John De Sohn, Inyang Bassey

Swedish hit producer John De Sohn returns with perhaps his most prestigious single to date. Teaming up with the ever inspiring NY singer/songwriter Inyang Bassey, the dynamic duo lays out the bittersweet vocal house gem ‘When The World Was Happy’. Featuring melancholic flutes, upwinding piano chords and Bassey’s outstanding, soulful vocals, this could very well turn into the anthem for these unpredictable times - out now on Spinnin’ Records.


Born as Björn Johnsson, famed Swedish DJ/producer John De Sohn has been making a steady rise to fame for the last ten years. Rising up from the Stockholm club scene, he started to make waves with a series of hit records that crossed the bridges between progressive house, deep house, pop and Avicii styled anthems.

From his 2012 breakthrough ‘Long Time’ to 2017’s emotional outburst ‘Hum With Me’ to his 2019 album Made For You, which included global hits like ‘Forever Young’, ‘Love You Better’ and ‘Happy Kids’, John De Sohn’s music has always revolved around powerful hooks and euphoric electronic sounds. John De Sohn knows how to write a gripping song, and has been perfecting his craft throughout the years.

The same can be said about New York singer Inyang Bassey, who’s been building a name for herself in the last decade. She’s worked with various artists, including Moby and The Broken Orchestra, as well as played several (residency) gigs around the NY club scene. Praised for her impressive voice, drenched in soul and gospel, Bassey can turn any song into an emotional ride, she’ll make sure the message isn’t only heard, but felt, too.

‘When The World Was Happy’

Well, that’s what happens right here, as both these artists present their collab single ‘When The World Was Happy’. Tastefully hitching on today’s (post)pandemic sentiments, the song is a sweet combination of energizing dance music and pop in its most melancholic guise.

John De Sohn paints a beautiful picture with delicate flute melodies and Bassey’s sentimental vocals, both of which are followed by joyous piano chords and a sweet deep house drop. When the record breaks down, you hear the hands clapping under Bassey, who enters full gospel mode, providing the song with an even larger dose of rapture.

‘When The World Was Happy’ sees two artists bring out the best in each other. It’s a song that begs for a live audience, to enlighten the crowd with shots of feelgood vibes. John De Sohn and Inyang Bassey have articulated everyone’s thoughts and feelings with this song, surely the soundtrack of an era that we won’t forget years to come.