LION.3 years ago

Cool track! Voted:)
Could you listen our new track called (voices inside)

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Niiels3 years ago

Hey, nice track so I voted REAL (you can check easily by going to my "Supported Tracks" list!) so make sure to vote back on my track "Avicii & Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Noonie Bao Acoustic Mix) (Niels Hoppe Edit)"! Have a nice day! :D!!!!!!

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Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd3 years ago

Your track is really awesome :D I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new track ANDREW SHEPHERD - NYLON (ORIGINAL MIX)

Many thanks :)

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DJ_SM€3 years ago

Hello friends greetings for all I invite you to vote for my new track I'm only 16 years old I hope you like it thanks :B

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Ethen Squad3 years ago

Hey Christopher.
Please vote for track 'Ethen Squad - Pyramide' and i will vote you back!

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Hassan Javed
Hassan Javed3 years ago

my vote is with you if you get free time bro check out my remix of track action and vote for it if it deserves

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Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian3 years ago

Voted for your good job!

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SodaHedd3 years ago

I voted and good job with making track of the week buddy. Also if you have time please vote for my remix "escape from love(sodahedd remix)

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RWilliam3 years ago

great track, extremely infectious and catchy, hope spinnin sign this up!

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Tom Mind
Tom Mind3 years ago

Great track! I voted. Please check out my new remix "Watermat - Fade " and vote if you like.

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock3 years ago

your track sounds very good.:)VOTED !
please vote for me on this track: (Ro Revrock - Clouds) and leave a comment,
i will vote back if you leave me a comment and have voted for me.

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X153 years ago

Voted ! Great one ;) Hear my new remix to "Deepend - I'm Intoxicated". Do you like it ? Please, vote for it. Thanks

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P.B3 years ago

Voted for you!
Listen to my remix of True Colors by Sammy Porter and vote for it,
if you like it!!

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Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd3 years ago

hey! awsome track :) you’ve got a BIG VOTE from me :D please vote me back if you like my new track ANDREW SHEPHERD - NYLON (ORIGINAL MIX)

thanks :D


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TNKOS3 years ago

Nice! Voted. Check out my track Salvatore. If you like it vote it.

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Gorkemcan Yılmaz

voted!! please vote my new track

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Future Dawn
Future Dawn3 years ago

You have my vote Christopher Damas! If you have the time to check my track I would appreciate it A LOT! Together we are stronger!

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Xedis3 years ago

voted!! please vote my new track "Psycho panda" ;D

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Andrew Lux
Andrew Lux3 years ago

Hey good job with the Vocal House Anthems Samplepack, those lyrics fit perfectly with your beat!

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Zex & Fex
Zex & Fex3 years ago

Please listen my new Song, Everybody In The Place. If you like, vote for my song! Thank You!

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