I proudly present my new track "Potion". Respect to you, my listeners, and thank you Team Spinnin', R3hab, and Ferreck Dawn for the support you've given me. -GABRY Q


Rajit Garg
Rajit Garg2 years ago

Hey! Great track! Voted, although it would be even better if you could get the kick to stick out a little bit more! Please vote back for my tracks: RAGE and Tutankhamun

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BernardL2 years ago

Hey, good track! Voted :) Please vote back to my new remix FADED :D

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FEXRP2 years ago

Hi brother
Great track has an exciting feeling
You have my vote and my full support
Porfvor would be nice to vote for my track
"War of the honor" and "BONHOMIA"
I would really appreciate it too much
Luck and success hope we will meet in the top 10


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Edson Future
Edson Future2 years ago

I liked this track, cool the beats! Voted!

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Abu Barrett
Abu Barrett2 years ago

hey gabry q! this is really good music :) i love trancey music, you have my vote! maybe check out my track toot? cheers!

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Rejark2 years ago

Hey, Track beautiful and rhythmic .. I love ?. I will vote after that you will vote my "Call me" ?..

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Cikmo2 years ago

Hi. I really liked this! You earned a vote!
Would you like to also check out my track "Realize" and if you like it give it a vote?
I would really appreciate it!!!!!

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Exist2 years ago

Good job ;)

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Batuhan Topal
Batuhan Topal2 years ago

Nice track I like it voted,Please check out my new track Your Name,Thank you..

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Mattayaxon2 years ago

Great job bro! voted for you! And if you don't mind listen to my track "Sparking synth" and please vote it if you like it:) It helps me a lot! Thanks!!

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dirtybrave2 years ago

Hi GABRY Q! Wow We like this track. VOTED!
You have our support
Please Vote back for our track Tik Tok, Thank you so much

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Los Black Droids
Los Black Droids2 years ago

Nice track dude!

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Σven2 years ago

Gaaaaabry! Hope you'll READ THIS, spamming is fckin not in my principles at all, but it seem to be the only way, so listen:
I did spend time writing honest reviews but it's taking so much time an only a few seem to read them, so I'm gonna give you some things to check on your track that a lot of Producers here seem to forget, CHECK THEM:
First of all, your Kicks, they have to stand out in the Mix, check you did cut the Sub Frequencies of all your Instruments but the Kick while it's playing! Then the most important is the contrast in the skeleton of your track, between the different parts, try using FXs like UpLifters and Swipe Ups in your Build-Ups as well as making a good use of Drums like Snares, try Pitching Up them for extra Rising sensation, also, you can try putting the Master Volume a bit down carefully to trick the Listener and make your Drop sound Bigger! Now for the Breaks, I've seen that a lot of people seem to not spend enough time on their Background drums, Claps for instance, try adding some reverb without destroying your mix to full it up and play w/ the width!
Also Plucks! Keep an eye on them, try making them sound Special, if they sound too 'basic' to your ears, layering them w/ other ones might be a good idea (try to keep a main one however), consider adding some Delay to make them fill up the Spectrum even more too! Finally, FXs do an amazing job fulling up your mix and creating great transitions. If the case is not already, I really think you should find some Impacts, Hits and Swipes that corresponds to your own style!
Now, if you've read until here, let me tell you I'll be delighted to give you some honest feedback on your last works, if you feel like it, just ask me in the comment section of my last upload! Thx for taking the time to read, hope it'll help, remember this only my personal thoughts!
Also, I voted as a little help I can give, hope you'll take the time to give it back ahah!

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Badray2 years ago

Great track! keep on it ;)

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TayTay2 years ago


Love that bassline. The only thing I would do is put that lead synth in more of the song/have it be more pronounced. But Really Great song. Voted!

Come check out my track Hope.


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