Thank you for supporting my previous track 'Chemicals'! I hope you all enjoy 'Mysa'. Please drop of a vote if you like this track, thank you!


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 3 years ago

Thanks for this one! Great atmosphere and original. The arp-a-like synth is really nice, but when you use it too much it's getting a bit annoying. Up until 1:20 we like it. Then you give away basically the whole track while there's 5 minutes left. At 1:20 we expected a drop witout the arpy synth. Add some percussive elements, build up with some subtle hihats, and build up to the moment where you give away the whole melody line. We're looking forward to the new version. Good luck!

Score: 13
Arfk3 years ago

spinnin appreciate your track

Score: 1

spinnin can i make thenew (tremor 2.0?)

Score: 0
KUBI3 years ago

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Hope you'll change this soon, It would be great for this community.

Score: 4
Aaron James
Aaron James3 years ago

I agree, real nice arp sound, was expecting a drop but it never really happened, the new version will be really nice, can't wait to hear it.

Score: 3
DAARKER3 years ago

Hi Hunkaar, i like your Music and voted it. Please listen to my track Symphony Nr.7.2. and give me feedback what you think about it. Thank you. Sincerely. Daarker.

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Nick Name3 years ago

Cool mix! Hope your mix will climb further up this chart! Curious what you think of my track.

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Felipe Hedan
Felipe Hedan3 years ago

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mr.midnight3 years ago

Like another world
nice track

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New Mexican Mafia

Voted! can u return the favor? thanks!

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Tanakorn lawan
Tanakorn lawan3 years ago

Cool track gave it a vote

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LLISO3 years ago

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Katryyx3 years ago

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Filip Hedans3 years ago

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TrakBone3 years ago

This is a cool track...
Loved this one:)
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Voted You<3
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