ey guys! Proud to present my brand new single "Roses". Put a lot of love into this one to make it sound fresh and new! Enjoy!


DJ 22 ROBO3 years ago

cool i vote for you

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Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz3 years ago

Good Track man I vote For you !!

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Bass Controllerz
Bass Controllerz3 years ago

Amazing , voted

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Boxidro3 years ago


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ShiftedBeatZ3 years ago

Outstanding track..voted for your track and following you.....

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Σven3 years ago

Yooooooo Jack! ?

Hope it helps!
I would like to give specific reviews to everyone, but I think the word impossible would be a great choice to explain the situation, so here are some tips and advices to help you!
(if you want me to give you my honest thoughts about your latest work, just hit me in the comments of my last upload!)

First of all, Kicks, they have to stand out in the Mix, check that you did cut the Sub Frequencies of all your Instruments but the Kick while it's playing! Then the most important is the arrangement, the contrast in the skeleton of your track, between the different parts of it, try using Risers like UpLifters and Swipe Ups in your Build-Ups to create a powerful 'rising effect' as well as making a good use of Drums like Snares for instance, try Pitching Up them for extra UpLifting sensation, also, you can try putting the Master Volume a bit down carefully to trick the Listener and make the next bars sound bigger! Now for the Breaks, I've seen that a lot of people seem to not spend enough time on their Background drums, Claps for instance, try making them cleaner if the sample itself isn't that much already and adding some reverb without destroying your mix to full it up as well as playing w/ the width!
Also Plucks! Keep an eye on them, try making them sound Special, if they sound too 'basic' to your ears after reflexion, layering them w/ other ones might be a good idea (try to keep a main one however), consider adding some Delay to make them fill up the Spectrum even more too! Finally, FXs do an amazing job fulling up your mix and creating great transitions. If the case is not already, I really think you should find some Impacts, Hits and Swipes that corresponds to your own style!

Now, if you've read until here, let me tell you I'll be delighted to give you some honest feedback on your last works, if you feel like it, just ask me in the comment section of my last upload! Thx for taking the time to read, hope it'll help, remember this only my personal thoughts, feel free to take whatever you want, and disagree w/ whatever you want ahah, but most of them are kind of ''general rules'', hope it helps!

Also, I voted as a little help I can give, hope you'll take the time to give it back ahah!


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PUREVIL3 years ago

Had fun listening to this remix! Really well mixed and all the sounds flow together !!! Voted !!!

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Wizard PL
Wizard PL3 years ago

amazing track VOTED!

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Laure3 years ago

voted back.
Thanks for your support!
Much respect!

good luck :)

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Zex & Fex
Zex & Fex3 years ago

I Have Listened to Your track, Good Job, Nice Track! Full Support for You!! Voted!
Please listen my new remix for the CONTEST, "KO:YU feat. Example - Don't wait (Zex & Fex Remix)"!!!
Make sure to vote for our track, IN OUR PROFILE!!!! Thank you!!!

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Antenzool3 years ago

That drop is lit! Voted back :)

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Department of Energy

Realy like the piano Part. Just great sounds. Nice Track :) voted for sure. Perhaps you find the Time, to check our latest Track "Razorblade" :) Thx

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Abu Farhan
Abu Farhan3 years ago

You got my VOTE! :)

Please vote my track 'Never Come Again' :D!@

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HVME3 years ago

Thank you for voting! Nice song! Voted :)

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Nidhin Soni
Nidhin Soni3 years ago

Great effort man! The drop is neat. Voted!

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HGZ3 years ago

The break was boring but the drop is dope af keep it up

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Blue Keys
Blue Keys3 years ago

I like the drop. Which daw do u use? What do you think of my track 'bounce'...vote if you think it sounds nice.

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BEATWORX 1003 years ago

Great track man listened and voted:)

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ReyMod.com3 years ago

Great job man ! vote!, would appreciate it if you checked out my new track and please follow me

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ASOX__3 years ago

Hey Jack, you have my Vote! Please vote back and comment on my track "Sweet Home", thanks!!!

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