Monday - we go to the gym Tuesday - we run Wednesday - we fight Every day - we solve problems Because we'll never back down...


Eve jones
Eve jones6 months ago

such motivational pruducion! Good work!

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Steve Portell
Steve Portell8 months ago

Hi 🙂 I did a Remix for the Jay Hardway contest 🎹 - check out my channel and vote for my song if you like it!!✌️

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Aenjo8 months ago

really nice, i like this

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Lavenir8 months ago

this is dope !!!!! great mix !!!!!! voted !!!!!

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Susomix8 months ago

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Haven2 years ago

really cool song bro
i actually like the drop it is so full of Elements sounds amazing
this style is really cool i dont know how this style of music is called i voted for you
it would be amazing if you could vote back for my song Infinity in the Talent pool

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Giio.2 years ago

great you have my vote please vote for my track (Trobi - Live it)-

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MILJANA3 years ago

Amazing track.
Voted and supported!
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Thank you. :)

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TRPK3 years ago

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Rafazombie Dj Producer

Please vote back for my Track "Song To Sleep"

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Mateusz Michalek
Mateusz Michalek3 years ago

Voted! Vote my last track

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DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H3 years ago

Super wow track!Great work man!Vote 4U

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Alien Narrow
Alien Narrow3 years ago

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eXtreme09Pure3 years ago

nice track,voted back,could you listen and vote to my new track?
Thanx For The Support!!

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Bataraantito243 years ago

voted bro

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Dave Max
Dave Max3 years ago

Very good track bro!!!! I voted it!!!! Please check out my new track "Nights Away" and if you like it, vote it!!! Thanks ;-)

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Dave Max
Dave Max3 years ago

Very good track!!! Voted!!! Please check out my new track "Nights Away" and if you like it, vote it!!! Thank you ;-)

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INOVA_Music3 years ago

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Thomas Bld
Thomas Bld3 years ago

good production.....drop is bit late......check out my track too guys

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo3 years ago

Nice job! Cool track! Just voted check supported. Check my remix of "Don't Wait" too and vote if you like :)

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