Plastic Lips
Plastic Lips3 years ago

Cool track, sounds great! Voted :) Anyway, could you please check my track "See you" too? Thanks, and good luck! :)

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Mata3 years ago

Really nice job 👍 and really voted 👍 Listen to my new song simply bounce 👍🖐🎧

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

nice track ,good work , hope your track is listed in top 10..
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QliWell3 years ago

<Hey Cool fresh sounding track good vibe . , you have my Vote and Support. Please, vote back and comment on my track, "My Life Source HARDSTYLE" thanks

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Lehg3 years ago

Tienes mi voto escucha mi new tema y vota 😊😊

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