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Very nice track and unique style, well done!
We would really appreciate it if you voted back for ---->>>Contest TRACK AEROSPACE REmix By Dj Vampire for the Parookaville x Penny*

Thank you and good luck..,.,.,

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Dyljon3 years ago

Awesome track, great job :)
Voted back
please vote my latest track "Twilight" and leave a like
Thanks and good luck :)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

hey man! , i'm producer too, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "PINATA",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!
👍😎 - Léo Ben Salem

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Nice track!
Can you also vote for my track "Stream"? Appreciate the help!!!

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Igor Chi1i
Igor Chi1i3 years ago

Great job! Voted & supported! Please check my remix of "Coco Jambo" and vote me back or write a comment if you like it! Thanks for the support!

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UrbznSky3 years ago

Dope track!! Voted :) Check out our new banger "Gas"!

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Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca3 years ago

Great concept, nice atmosphere, happy vibes, VOTED!

Please check and support my another night remix!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fil Hedan
Fil Hedan3 years ago

Cool track!
Please vote for my track 'Gemini' and I will vote for you back! :)

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Sphinx3 years ago

Nice job man!!! (Voted,please check out my track 'Demon')

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Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca3 years ago

Awesome drop!!!VOTED!!!!

Please check and support my another night remix! :)

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DJ Matador
DJ Matador3 years ago

voted coollll

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Voted! Cool track!

Please check our new track “HEAVEN”

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Σven3 years ago

Yow Bratis! Just voted! As a little helping hand! ;)

If you want some constructive and honest feedback, hit me up in my comment section, I'll be delighted to give you some objective thoughts about quality and arrangement on your latest work! Like really ahah!

Much respect!

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Crue3 years ago

Awesome Drop! :)

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Fura3 years ago

Thank You Voted Bratis!
Nice Song Empires,

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Pineapple3 years ago

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Don Kon
Don Kon3 years ago

Voted Bratis! Please vote back!

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Leonel Kostelak
Leonel Kostelak3 years ago

Votado hermano! gran canción!

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Magic Skipper
Magic Skipper3 years ago

Hey mate!
Great job and thank you for this beautiful music
I invite you to hear my newest (Magic Skipper - The Last [Magic Skipper Present Magic House])
Regard! Magic Skipper...............

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Rick Mash
Rick Mash3 years ago

Voted! :)

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