Brio Sven
Brio Sven3 years ago

I like this one a lot!

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Ari Sohandri
Ari Sohandri3 years ago

Nice Track !!! Voted
Voted Back

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Arys Music
Arys Music3 years ago

I like this one. Voted !
This is my new "LEAVE IT ALL" track. Hope for your supporting!

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MAHESH 643 years ago

Nice Track voted
Plz Vote Back 🙏🙏

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LuXO3 years ago

Thanks for your comment, I voted :) Looking Forward to your vote too :D

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QU1QUE\SERRA DJ3 years ago

Wuouuuu, it sounds great, nice track. Voted back

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Frema3 years ago

Hey good vibe and good jobs. You have my Vote and Support. Please, vote back and comment on my remix, "Hear me now" thanks

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_umang_3 years ago

Voted!Great Job Dude.
Please Vote me song "The Bliss".

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Luke Poggy
Luke Poggy3 years ago

Voted, please vote for me ;)

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Voted! Very NICE!!

Please check our new track “HEAVEN”

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G_T3 years ago

Voted ! Hope to get your vote on my new track ZEN as well :)

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Vize_Verza3 years ago

I'm not much of an expert at coming to advice but it has a nice catchy vibe!
All though I like a stand out kick I'm not sure if thats what you were going for but keep it up!

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Fulloctave3 years ago

Excellent Track Well done, Voted and Supported! Could you please vote back for my track "ACIDIZE" . Good luck and I hope to see you at the top of the charts. Thanks for your support :)

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R3V03 years ago


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DJ Salle
DJ Salle3 years ago

Nice Work ...iVoted ;) Greetz by DJ Salle

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Moaaz3 years ago

Very Good Work FLIPSE HEDAN!
Please check my new track “California” and vote it back if you like it ♥

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Dj Sinde
Dj Sinde3 years ago

Great job, I liked it this is great
Has my vote and my support
If you have a moment listen to my music and I would appreciate a vote if you like

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Adrian DeWitt
Adrian DeWitt3 years ago

Excellent song good work I hope you continue producing good music You have my vote and my support .. you can also check my new song "Weird Sounds" and vote for it if you like ... Thanks

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller3 years ago

voted!vote back my PARIS and DANGEROUS!thank you!

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