My new original song! I hope you like it. Download: Stems will be uploaded tomorrow!


Love'er2 years ago

Hi friend!
A good, decent track! Of course I vote!
I have no interest in this competition and do not participate in it!
If you have any doubts in my voice, write me your mail on the soundcloud page I'll send a screen!
Please vote for my track Ibiza Sunset [Extended Mix].
Good luck in contest.

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-A&A-2 years ago

Cool idea bro i liked it a lot. And i voted for you. It would be great for a voteback bro.

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Pink Pumpkin
Pink Pumpkin2 years ago

cool song, voted
could you please vote for my new song'vocal ghost'

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NRAVV2 years ago


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Zephs2 years ago

if anybody wants my vote, comment on my track and vote.
and I'll come and vote for you.
I'll check your supported list :)

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NoWei2 years ago

Nice! Will leave a vote! Feel free to vote for my latest track NoWei - Become

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TësKã2 years ago

Really like this, defo worthy of the top spot! Nice track! Voted!! If you have the time, please vote back for my latest track 'Eivissa'....good luck!!!

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