"Legend" with Bergwall is a hard stomping club track with a futuristic twist. It doesn't leave any dancing feet alone - it makes the whole body bop to this groove. I call this genre Bombahton, short for Bombastic Moombahton. Written and Produced by Raffe Bergwall of Brave Music Sweden Wanna have a free download of the track? Please send and email to raffe@bergwall.nu


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Olav Basoski2 years ago

Takes guts to do a track in this style, so far off from what's hot currently, so thumbs up for that! The break starting at 1:15 has no use I think, or it should have more impact.

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BERGWALL2 years ago

Thank you Olav Basoski :) A comment from you means alot to me!

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BERGWALL2 years ago

How would you do the break?

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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 2 years ago

Thanks for this one! We like the Indian elements, but we hear too much elements. Delete a few notes. use 'Tuesday' by Burak Yeter as example. Good luck!

Score: 7
Nancyhabibi2 years ago

@spinnin Records...This is indian not Arabic.

Score: 3
Jean KsT
Jean KsT2 years ago

Originality, and dedication to each theme as if it were the only one, is what makes the difference. I'm "the return" to

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FEBGE2 years ago

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Jake & Kellini
Jake & Kellini1 year ago

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Jake & Kellini
Jake & Kellini1 year ago

Nice sound Man! Check Our new singel running away!!ii

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Awesome track BERGWALL !
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BERGWALL2 years ago

This track will be released on all major stores like Spotify, iTunes, Beatport etc tomorrow :)

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F4BBRI2 years ago

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Dvine2 years ago

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Csaba2 years ago

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John Winther
John Winther2 years ago

This is unique man, love it!

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Steven B.Walck
Steven B.Walck2 years ago

Hello, nice track , vocal too, in my opinion ,she need a layered leads and maybe a part with accelerate tempo, Nice indian vocal :) If you would you can check my spinnin page , (trance prod) cheers from france

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Dukhvalov Alex
Dukhvalov Alex2 years ago

Not bad work,continue in dat way !!

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Franomusic2 years ago

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Freedman2 years ago

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