Richard Ed

I`m a 13 years old Music Producer from Germany. This is my first song


Giglio2 years ago

i just listened this song ;) really good mastering and solid structure also the melodies and choise of beat and the particulars sounds is really good :) VOTED! If you want you can listen my "up till down too" and if you like it please vote it :D thanks a lot ;)

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Future Dawn
Future Dawn2 years ago

Hi RICHARD ED! Track sounds amazing, lovely piano at the start and vocals! Voted! If you have time could check out my new song Lost? Thanks in advance!:)

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Backfall2 years ago

VOTED - this sounds sick!!! :D

Check out my dance / tropical house track "Let You In"

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Nenad2 years ago

Wow great track man! Hast es drauf, i hope that you support me back! If you like please vote for my new track "Change (Original Mix)"! Thank you and good luck

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Ellery2 years ago


pls check out my track and vote back thanks!

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INTRIGUED2 years ago

Cool production! If you get chance please vote for my "Jay Hardway - Electric Elephants" Remix. THANKS!

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Nice track! Definitely has potential, but watch the timing of the different elements and play around with the volume so that the track becomes 'one'. You have my vote! Let me know what you think of my latest track ROCKET and leave your vote if you like it!
Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

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Simonkravos2 years ago

Nice. I like the melody and the vocal chops. Maybe add a little more tension before the drop, like a snare roll or something like that. Voted. If u have time u can check out my first track and leave a commen. Thank u ;)

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Ozio2 years ago

oooh shit!
Great track!!!
Definitely voted and supported!!!!
Please listen and vote on my track
thank you!!!

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick2 years ago

Awesome track man! Definitely voted! Check out our track called 'Without You' too!
Profile>>>Vote>>>Maybe comment!

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Giglio2 years ago

REALLY GOOOOOOD!! g ood mastering good melody incredible beats! voted! can you please listen back and vote if you like it my remix up till down thanks!!!

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MAHDI2 years ago

Hey .

Great Music. Voted and supported !!!!$

I hope see you on top 10 spinnin talent music

listen to my last music and tell your idea and give back the voted

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Mjay2 years ago

Hi, can you please vote for me, i placed a vote on your work, thanks

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PUREVIL2 years ago

Had fun listening to this track ! ! Really well mixed and all the sounds flow together ! ! Voted ! ! Please vote for my track "Subhuman" !!

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xmelody2 years ago

a 13 year old created this??????
thats amazing man, wonderful
great track, voted and supported
hope you return my favor by voting back. good luck

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Erdim 24
Erdim 242 years ago

hey guys please vote for my track Mumbai i will vote back :)

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F3rrix2 years ago

Nice track Richard!!
Keep it up.
Definitely voted.
Check out my new track too, you'll like it. ✌

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More Places
More Places2 years ago

vote back cool track :D

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DNL!2 years ago

Voted back

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino2 years ago

Hey mate! i'm listening to your track.. cool sound!! To be your first track this is very good :) nice job congrats!! You definitely have my VOTE!!
Hope you could check out and Vote back for my track "Daydreams" as well.. it would means a lot to me, thanks! ;)

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