KIDDO2 years ago

I voted your track! Please vote also my track "Throwdown" Cheers!

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Shatiks2 years ago

Great remix!

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DjTheJan2 years ago

Dope sound :)

I voted for you :) you´ve got my support :)
Would you please check out my track BE READY and vote back :)? cheers :)

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YCC2 years ago

Real awesome track! You got my vote for sure!
Hope you would also listen to my remix of "End With You" and vote back if you like it :D Thank you so much!!!!

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deep way
deep way2 years ago

voted back axmor,
I like your profile photo

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Backfall2 years ago

Sounds awesome, VOTED!!! :)

Check out my new tropical house / chill / dance track "Let You In"!

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deadbass-society2 years ago

thats jackin dude - gj !

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Flawd Souls
Flawd Souls2 years ago

Love the vocals on this! Great work. Big things to come and much love brotha! Voted :)

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Frema2 years ago

Hey Axmor good vibe and good jobs. You have my Vote and Support. Please, vote back and comment on my new remix for contest, "Up Till Dawn (On The Move)", thanks

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Sunny Zones
Sunny Zones2 years ago

Nice mix...Voted;-)
Can you please check out my mix of End With you...hope you like & vote for it!

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HUSKA2 years ago

Voted Back !) :)

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JAPG2 years ago

¡¡Big Songggg, good job, futurist and relaxed!! (-V-)// and ¡¡¡THANKS YOU FOR VOTED MY FIRST TRACK!!!;)

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KiDDY JAYz2 years ago

good job man..voted

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P@rick 84
P@rick 842 years ago

Great Job

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Crafty2 years ago

That so good vibes ....
Voted and follow
:) Good day

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G_T2 years ago

That was pretty sick remix. I loved the original and you did a good job here <3
You got my vote with this one man, looking forward to hearing more cool tracks from you this year !
Oh, can you vote for my latest track * SIGNS * ? I think you'll dig the vocals throughout and the powerful melodic-ness of it haha.
And since we’re connecting, why not give me a FOLLOW here on the site and I’ll get you back also ! <3 Thanks !!!
Last thing : to do it right, let’s just connect on soundcloud/FB as well ! Find mine in my profile and let’s just repost each others’ tracks !
As soon as I see you reposted mine on there, I’ll repost yours as well. This will help us both grow ! Let’s get large !!

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ALgoRHYTHMZ2 years ago

Have my vote..cool track.

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Giglio2 years ago

relistened now.. incredible track

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Giglio&Farno2 years ago

i just listened this song ;) really good mastering and solid structure also the melodies and choise of beat and the particulars sounds is really good :) VOTED! If you want yo u can listen our "end with you" and if you like it please vote it :D thanks a lot ;) really like it! its really original !

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Dommy.2 years ago

Hey ALEX AXMOR! Love the track, super unique, dope drop Voted! IF you can please check out my new track "Area 51" and leave a vote, it would be much appreciated! Thanks and See you at the top!

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