Lyron3 years ago

Please, vote for my track, Take me to the to
Thank You!!!

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Nenad3 years ago

Wow great track, i hope that you support me back! If you like please vote for my new track "Change (Original Mix)"! Thank you and good luck

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Dizzoyy3 years ago

cool mix

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ikbdhdsjbcdsjhb3 years ago

Hello, your song is excellent, I already voted for you, you would help me a lot if you voted for my track "Happiness".
If you are not admitted to Spinnin' Records, send your track to Dasancari Records, I am sure they will give you the help you need to make a leap to fame.

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13ounce3 years ago

Hey, Alex Axmor! Cool name! I really did listen to your track, and VOTED!
Nice, unique vibe. The track really gets me moving! :D
Can you take 10 seconds to vote for my remix, too? IT'S IN A DIFFERENT CONTEST, so it won't hurt you ;)
I'd really appreciate it!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller3 years ago

voted!thank you! IMAGINE! Follow SPOTIFY PETER PINEHILLER PLEASURE!(now over 63700 streams) my new ROOTS!q

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James Holland
James Holland3 years ago

Voted! Could you please vote back on my latest track, "Clouds"? I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

If you want a review, hit me up on SoundCloud. I'll be more than happy to talk through your track!

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