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Gianvet2 years ago

Good track, good melodies and composition, please you could go to see my song: Matoma- Running Out (Gianvet Remix) and if you like to be able to vote it

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Gianvet2 years ago

amazing song, good melodies and composition incredible, please you could go to see my song: Matoma- Running Out (Gianvet Remix) and if you like to be able to vote it

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Tony Hewox
Tony Hewox2 years ago

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ALEX702 years ago

Check out my track in TALENT POOL "I'M HAPPY" and vote me back please !!!!!

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Giglio&Farno2 years ago

YES MAN VOTED IT! CHECK YOUR XP :P . I LISTENED NOW YOUR SONG AND I CAN SAY JUST WOW! like in particular the powerfull mastering the choise of that bass ( i want that bass for my production hahaha)also the choise of your lead in the drop :) and the drop is wow !! :)! the song have a really clean sound that is amazing ! i can ask yo u if you have time to listen our last remix "end with you"and if you appriciate that please give us a vote . Thank you for your time and good luck!

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Fulloctave2 years ago

Voted and Supported! . Could you please vote back for my Remix of Snavs – End With You feat. KING for the remix contest. Thanks for your support :)

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LAFAYETTE ✪2 years ago

Awesome track B-men!
Love it! Cool vibe!
You got my vote!
Can you please vote back for my track "Bali"?
Thank you so much!
Keep working hard!

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SERGIOFX2 years ago

voted,good job man , your song is really amazing! you are very talented, if you have a time see my last track--,-,.

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X-Rey2 years ago

Really good track! Voted! Can you vote back our song 'Fly'? Thank you and good luck :)

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Plastic Lips
Plastic Lips2 years ago

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Mularen'2 years ago

voted for you !
please listen my track "Ouraah"and vote for my song too :)
good luck for the futur ;)

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Mattayaxon2 years ago

Voted for you!!

And if you have time please vote back for my track "Revenge" :)

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Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan2 years ago

Awesome Track Voted! Please vote back my track "Mindless".

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er2 years ago

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LucyDeejay2 years ago

amazing track bro,
I support you and vote you, please look at my new track "SUMMER VIBES" and if you like voting.
thanks and good luck

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Edward W11
Edward W112 years ago

Vote for Vote?
If you could voted for my track
I'd really appreciate it and will vote for your track in return!!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

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