I don't make music to make money, I make music to be remembered. -N Effect-


Dwolf_Official1 year ago

I vote your track, if you want vote my track

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Veronika River
Veronika River2 years ago

At :15 that sound is super cool and gives it something extra, extra! Your work is always amazing, so it is awesome to take a listen to any of your tracks. :)

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edmusicando2 years ago

Oi, thank you so much for having supported my track 21 days ago, only now I have had time to see yours and they are all incredible, very clean!

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clubzound2 years ago

the day you do music and doesnt do to much explanations over it , or sent subliminal messages will be the day they remember you!

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Noisy8882 years ago

Great job!!! Voted back! Good luck!!

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music2 years ago

Here We Go Now!!
Some Great Music!!
I Love The Way How You Ended The Track..
Full Support, I've Given You My Vote!
Can You Please Vote My Track "Navy"?
I Hope You'll Love It ;)

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Konradinjo2 years ago

Thank you for your vote and feedback:)

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Breezy P
Breezy P2 years ago

Nice work here! voted!

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eXtreme09Pure2 years ago

thanks a lot for opinion on my track,voted back thanks!

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KEENYR2 years ago

Exelent!! Good Work Voted!! Thanks For Vote

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JOKI2 years ago

Like fot like fot anyone who likes my track "Alive" :)

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Zoofa2 years ago

Such nice music man!! Like it a lot!!

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Balch2 years ago

I like your style very much, you have very good vision and hearing of what you want to achieve musically, it is something that goes beyond the commercial, one aims to create music that inspires you every molecule of the body ¬°¬°excellent track - vote for you

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L I M E2 years ago

Good job. Voted

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(Ditto)2 years ago

I loved! A very good style! Voted

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PLVMA2 years ago

Great track,I see the originality

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Skrr2 years ago

Man voted back :))

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Nick Spacer
Nick Spacer2 years ago

Ooooo really nice!

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Frence x Mite
Frence x Mite2 years ago

Supported! Nice track!

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