Summertime heater cooked up and ready to be served to a hungry crowd! visit for more. Leave a comment of what you think and I'll listen and vote back!


dj vanhinssel TV
dj vanhinssel TV2 years ago

Hello you have a great track I like ... Go through my Track YOU BREAK MY HEART and download FREE if you want .))

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c0rey Brown2 years ago

Nice & fresh, Voted. could u check out my new song sleep and vote for it...

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Xaver Schulz
Xaver Schulz2 years ago

sounds great :)

maybe you like my new track Drop That Bass

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Sam KaYY Music
Sam KaYY Music2 years ago

Hey Great Job There on the track..
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ShyXo2 years ago

Good track but I think it can be better. Good luck and you vote

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Jheiry2 years ago

quality here, congratulations man, voted and supported.
Please check out mine Alone and if you like it voted.
Best regards man!

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The Fifth Sun
The Fifth Sun2 years ago

powerful, voted can you check my new track lewis capaldi bruises unofficial remix jdrr THANKS !!

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DJ Booge
DJ Booge2 years ago

Cool track! I voted!
Could you please check out my track Home?

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phantomDJ2 years ago

Hi Durty !
Very good sound,
Look at my new track "Suspended"
Cheers !

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Total Sampler
Total Sampler2 years ago

Hi Ladies and Gentleman ;) I'm back here after a small break and I hope You will welcome me as warmly as before so check out my profile, turn up the speakers and start Your own Wicked Party !

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Oliver Fox
Oliver Fox2 years ago

Need some work! Check out my track: How We Do It :) Thanks!

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LOCOZZA2 years ago


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cool sound, check out my track, voted

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Uziel Angello
Uziel Angello2 years ago

Trying to hard to be Martin Garrix - be yourself.

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Nightime19982 years ago

voted. Please check out our new track Try Again!

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Hugo Batista
Hugo Batista2 years ago

Nice track , mix is great but try to master it louder! Got my vote and if want send me that song to my soundcloud to get my support as well! If possible vote and feedback my latest track too! thank and good vibes!!!

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Ridfox2 years ago

But that track, I love everything, all my support for you, support me with my last track titled paradise, it would be great, and if you liked, you could follow me

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Dj Mortic
Dj Mortic2 years ago

Really good track and well produced ! Voted ! Please listen to my track "The sad eyes"! Thanks.

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DTNX2 years ago

Very cool Sound! nice mixing! Loved it! You got my vote! Please vote back my track "Freeze".....I don't think its a lot to ask for

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Satiso2 years ago

So this sounds real durty

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