Michael Bravo

My new Progressive track, called "Freedom"


TobiasHagen2 years ago

Great progressive track man I voted! Check also my track welcome and if you like it give it a vote!

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CatchMeBrick2 years ago

Thank you for a feedback! Unfortunately I didn't find my track in your supported tracks, please check it out and fix it if it's possible. Thanks advance

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BUBBLE DUB2 years ago

awesome track I have to admit...voted!

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The SAD K!?
The SAD K!?2 years ago

Nice work. Voted back. Thanks

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Echolyx X Alpha
Echolyx X Alpha2 years ago

nice track Bro!! Voted!

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Roseboy2 years ago

Nice track dude amazing break no conserns whatsoever u did amazing job thank you for the vote!!

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Deflex2 years ago

Nice track mate! Keep it up :D Voted!

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Z4NE2 years ago

Sick mate voted !! please voted me back to my new track ( DARK SIDE ) :-D

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fenn piper
fenn piper2 years ago

Wicked tune!!! voted

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RiDiM2 years ago

ohh my god
why this track is not in top 10
vote me back for HIGH TIDES

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eXtreme09Pure2 years ago

nice job,voted back!!

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Axmellow2 years ago

Nice track dude! Love that powerful drop. Voted!

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Zoofa2 years ago

Nice track!! The mixing is perfect, the sounds and melodie are very good too!! Voted!! Good luck!!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

voted! vote back my PLEASURE!! over 109k SPOTIFY plays!!!another track TIME TO TAKE CONTROL!(contest) thanks! now over 35,5k soundcloud plays!follow my spotify! ok? xx

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Lil Heady
Lil Heady2 years ago

Nice song dude you got my vote!!

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thegurishow2 years ago

sounds cool, Best wishes for contest
voted back ,
Thank You

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Dj Slh
Dj Slh2 years ago

voted back i like your track
thank's for voting :)

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Dj Slh
Dj Slh2 years ago

voted back thank's for voting :)

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Hossein mh
Hossein mh2 years ago

Nice ❤️❤️ Like and voted🌹🌹🌹 please vote back ❤️ Merci f

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C-Dryk™2 years ago

Nice! Well done ;) Voted.

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