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Priom FTW
Priom FTW2 years ago

Wow ! Nice work bro.. I really like this track. Your sound is very much excellent. Good job bro.
I voted this track bro. All the best.

Please vote my new track "Black Whale". Give me your support bro.

Again your sound is enjoyable. Nice work bro.

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Serdar Bingol
Serdar Bingol2 years ago

Hi KRILLAZ . Nice song . Good work . Voted. 
Composition is nice .You can do be better . Keep going .Don't give up . Good Luck . Voted. 
If you have time, listen to my new song. Thanks .
Serdar Bingol - Mountain(Orginal Mix) (New Song)

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KIDDO2 years ago

damn man the track is really cool! voted! Will you please vote also to my track “Check Out”? Thanks! Good luck :)

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Nicolas Paz
Nicolas Paz2 years ago

Voted, Sounds amazing! Anyways, could you give a listen at my last track? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. ¿VOTE x VOTE

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Deleteddd2 years ago

hey KRILLAZ your music is awesome!!! VOTED!!! KEEP GOING! please vote for my new song ---------------------> DRSSN - KILL THOSE BEATS

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DJ Miko's
DJ Miko's2 years ago

Voted ! ;)
Nice track !
Can you vote for my remix "Power" please ? :)

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock2 years ago

voted !
please vote for vote..
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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 years ago


Please, check my last track Socievil - [Trobi & Teen Wackies] and, if you like it, give me your vote.

Thank you! ^^

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Some feedback for you on your track you submitted here. Nice tune, love the melody and chord progression but what I like most is the development of the track and how it progresses. Solid work on this one, you got my vote! Please vote for my track “TOO FUNKY”. Also follow me on Sound Cloud and message me if you wanna keep in contact or bounce some ideas off of each other or give each other some feedback on each-others music. I enjoy staying in contact with other artist and seeing how they progress in the industry. Much respect and much success to you!!!!

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MatthewMahov [Official] ✪

very good 🔥Voted 🔥
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haskimusic2 years ago

Really original idea. I like it! Voted, hope I see you on the top of the talent pool!
I would do some changes on the arab melody but still so good!
Could you help me voting my remix of Modestep - Higher? (Future Bass)
Thanks and have a good day!

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️2 years ago

Hey Krillaz, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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James Holland
James Holland2 years ago

Hello there. I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "Stay" please? Thank you!

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Spe5tre2 years ago

Awesome work!
Absolutely voted
Can you please vote me back.

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

Hello I am back ^^, and it could be an honor if
you could make a feedback about my track "I Wait Only For You",(and vote for the old version too^^)
Feedback are really preciois for me!

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andrefp2 years ago

I voted for you!:)

I would really appreciate if you could vote for my new track "Love You" in return......

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Michael Lami
Michael Lami2 years ago

Congratulations! Great job!
Voted !!! For your track !
I hope you'll find the time to listen to my track !
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Michael Lami - Chase You Down (Original Mix)

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Jurgen Frees
Jurgen Frees2 years ago

Good job! Voted!!
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KSHMR, Hardwell - Power ( Jurgen Frees RMX)
Thanks!! Good luck!

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2Hounds2 years ago

Hey KRILLAZ, Very good track!
We love your sounds and for this reason we vote you!! If you want our support VOTE OUR remix of POWER and leave a comment!!!(WE'LL CHECK IT)

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T4URON2 years ago

good job! It's a very sticky track! I hope you are in the top 10! Voted, luck! Please you can listen to my music "T4URON - GOODBYE (Extended Mix)" and vote if you like. Thank you!!!!

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