You & I

Mike Williams x Dastic

This is my remix of 'You & I' made by Mike Williams x Dastic. Hope you enjoy it and if you did, kindly vote for me.


Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel1 year ago

Hi there. Wooooooh,Good job! I like your part very much and vote! It's really cool! I love this sound.
The cool drop is very impressive and the melody is awesome! I voted.
I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest remix, "YOU & I" please? Thank you!
Good Luck:))

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Priom FTW
Priom FTW1 year ago

Wow ! Nice work bro.. I really like this track. Your sound is very much excellent. Good job bro.
I voted this track bro. All the best..

Please vote my new track "Hardwell-Young Again (Priom FTW Remix)". Give me your support bro.

Again your sound is enjoyable. Nice work bro.

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen1 year ago

Hey, thank you for your vote on my You & I remix. Voted back. Good luck.

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We have listened to your track, we think the sound is very original and of good quality. Keep doing this and do not give up.
You have our vote!
Vote on our track ( Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Cruel ) and follow us on Spotify and SoundCloud, We will rejoin the favor.

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N3MESIS1 year ago


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EzzaWan1 year ago

<3 voted

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Creay1 year ago


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Altall1 year ago

Good dance mood) voted! Tnx for your vote

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MAHDI1 year ago


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M.EDM1 year ago

Voted and supported

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Vescent1 year ago

Some great work on the vocal chops. Voted

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Mayon Levin
Mayon Levin1 year ago

Sick Drop man. I like these leads a lot woow and the second break is incredibly. VOTED!!!!!
Hope u could to listen my remix and give it to me your best feedback :)

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KEENYR1 year ago

Hi, how are you! You have a nice touch I like it, you could vote for my remix YOU & I (Keenyr Remix), thank you for your support, thanks!

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IMNODJ Productions

Nice, Voted! If U have a min please check my Parade remix and vote back ;)

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VIINCULE1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback! Voted back!
Can anyone vote for my track "Trust Me"?

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cerebeliac1 year ago

Amazing track man! I really feel like you've made something special here. Voted! While I think you can still improve, you've really made something unique here. In a genre that's kind of stale right now, I could easily see your style shaking things up. I hope the Spinnin talent managers see this, because I think it will really make an impact if it were to be published. Keep it up man! If you could check out my latest track Admiral, I would really appreciate it! Thanks man, and keep grinding!

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Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music1 year ago

Hey Mezoor! I Took A Listen To Your Track, And I Really Enjoyed It!
The Melody Of The Drop Is Really Great And Good Mixing As Well..!
The Track Has Been Well Mastered Too And Is Pretty Loud Enough. Seriously Well Done :)
You’ve Definitely Got My Vote..! I Really Loved It!
Please Take A Listen To My New Track “Fugitive”, And Only Vote If You Liked It ;)
Anyways, Keep It Up..! Wanted To Hear What’s New From You, So Followed You As Well.

I'm Interested In Doing A Collaboration With You!
If You Are Willing To, Please Send Me A Message On SoundCloud And Make Sure You Follow Me There As Well..!

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MEZOOR1 year ago

Sure brother. thank you.

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FLVXY1 year ago

Dope remix bro, i like the trap influence from the last drop, good luck with the contest, you have my vote !
If you want, please check out my track "LOXX" and if you like it leave a comment and a vote :D

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BAMF1 year ago

The trap part! I love it! You have my vote dude and good luck!

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MEZOOR1 year ago

Thanks a lot man.

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Robin Pfeiffer
Robin Pfeiffer1 year ago

I like the guitar part! nice remix I voted!
If you got the time please check out my remix as well and tell me what you think of it :)

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