You & I (VibeSauce Remix)

Mike Williams x Dastic

Here is our remix of Mike Williams - You & I Like and share! Follow us on Instgram: Follow us on SoundCloud:


mueenmusix1 year ago

Hey I like your Remix so I wanna invite you to check my new track "HEY" and give your feedback you can vote if you like it..!!!

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Efe Unluyurt
Efe Unluyurt1 year ago

Nice Remix bro VOTED...
Please listen to my remix --- VINAI - Parade --- vote and leave a comment if you like..
Thank you for your support

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SJS1 year ago

This one is really cool! I gave it a VOTE.
If you have time, please listen to my track. Give it a vote if you like it!
Thanks for your time!

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Matt Sander Official

Voted bro, Nice remix! We Have 1 Day left, could you vote on mine?

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mueenmusix1 year ago

Awesome track nice concept mastering is good enjoyed your track so voted it.👍
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Good luck..

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IMNODJ Productions

Nice remix! Voted, If U have a min please vote back my Parade remix ;)

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distymusic1 year ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
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MD1 year ago

Amazing Remix, The Mastering is Good!
However I voted for your track!!
Listen to my remix and vote for it too!!!!
Thanks! Godbless!!!!

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Bryce T
Bryce T1 year ago

Cool track! You have my vote❤, and will probably get many more for your efforts. Could you please spare a second of your time and vote for my new You & I remix. Much appreciated and good luck!!!

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SolDin1 year ago

Good remix!

Please Vote back.
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You have my Support!

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VΛSKO1 year ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!!
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Peter Pinehiller

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Mayon Levin
Mayon Levin1 year ago

Voted!! Nice man.
Back pls!!

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MEZOOR1 year ago

This was purely mixed I believe. bpm synced, Great job brother. Voted. hope you'll check mine too.

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Can Baond Music
Can Baond Music1 year ago

Different Style bro good. Voted.
Please listen to my remix --- Mike Williams x Dastic - You & I -- vote and leave a comment if you like..
Thank you for your support...

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kaiskhati1 year ago

Voted. back plz

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DNDY1 year ago

Good remix, I vote for you. Maybe you'll vote back for my new Remix You & I ? .... :)

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LAST LANTERN1 year ago

Hey bro
Happy new year to you and your family.
I have listened your track.
It was superb.
I really liked it...
and obviously you have my vote.
Could you please check out my remix ..."GOLD SKIES"...
Please have a listen and vote for me if u like it..thanks...and good luck.

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Konradinjo1 year ago

I voted nice Track <3 ツ Can anyone give some feedback on my new track? What do you think about it's style? Do you think it is too "Not Mainstream" and "weird". Do you know any tips for vocals?

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Niiels1 year ago

❗❗❗Very nice remix, I voted! Please vote back on My "You & I" remix🙌😊❗❗❗!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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