Tech House for Spinnin release!


Trobi2 years ago

nice break melody. very cool dj track. very nice groove bass, I would play this at pool party's or something like that. cool bro.

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

Appreciate it, thank you!

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Dmitry Kinin
Dmitry Kinin1 year ago

Yes! Love It!

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Clearmajeure1 year ago

Very nice track! I voted!

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DIS CH33Z2 years ago

Voted !!!! Dirty bass!!!!!!

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~K4RMA2 years ago

+ Voted

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~K4RMA2 years ago

THanks for your comment bro!
Really nice stuff here! I enjoyed this calm and chill song! Support ++++

Could you guys just drop a comment on my track also? I will respond to them!

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Annihilation2 years ago

Voted! Pretty sick track mate, nice synth´s you used :) Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote for my new track "Sunlight". Wish you many luck in the contest :D

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Xedis2 years ago

voted !! good track!!! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Candy Land"!!
you can also support me on soundcloud and youtube

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Mad Disco
Mad Disco2 years ago

Awesome track man, i dig this a lot. Voted for sure, if you get a chance maybe check out my mix "Alabomb"

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing2 years ago

Hi what's up Neffect, I really like your song, really love the classic house flow! Would be dope if you would just check out my song 'Lost' as well and vote for it, cause I really want to get in the TOP100!
cheers and all the best, Nic

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the_rabbits2 years ago

Good track mate.
Keep up the good work!
Would you please vote back my track, "The Rabbits X Calirat - Laburnum"
I would really appreciate it if you would vote back.
Thank you! :D

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CMDOfficial2 years ago

Great track you have there! Voted.
If you check out my newest release "Renegade" and vote for it that would be great!
Hope you continue your success so far. Thanks

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Level Dragon
Level Dragon2 years ago

Hello Neffect!You know your track is really AWESOME!Voted,keep working!:D

Also I will be very thankful if you will check my new track "Ancient Ritual" and vote for it!

Thank you so much bro!
Good luck and all the best wishes,Lev Dragon

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Cov7er2 years ago

voted !! ...
please vote for vote....
i've got a new track on soundcloud called: Iscr - Matapalo
it's a great edm song
hope you will like and share it vote for me and leave a comment,
i will vote back if you comment and have voted for me....

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Torie2 years ago

Love this!!

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RyanLey2 years ago

super sick!!

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Emirix2 years ago

hey there mate would you be able to check out my new track forgotten feelings if its reviewed genuinely I shall return the favour thanks again and good luck!y

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BLUE72 years ago

Hi NEFFECT I have voted for this track because I have actually listened to it and like your Tech House sound. Keep it up! I personally think this is your best track yet and deserves to reach top 5 again.

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UliH2 years ago

Really nice track! Voted! Could u pls vote my latest track "HAUZ"

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Bargus2 years ago

Hi bro i love it and voted. Please check out my latest track ''Quantum Solace'' thanks :)))

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