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Sreehari  ( DJ / Producer )

dude honestly I have listened to your track
I love the drop it is reallypowerful. you deserve my vote
can u pls vote back for my song "together"

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Dualed9 months ago


If you can listen to our version of VINAI - Parade (Dualed Remix) and VOTE it would be nice.

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Lukrembo9 months ago

Really great track!!! Good atmosphere with bridge and drop part is a bit messy and cool. so great job, could use some more synths with that drop part, but could also be my personal taste.
I voted XD!!!! Can you vote for my track 'This is the love'?

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mueenmusix9 months ago

Hey Cool track it's good voted and supported.. 👍
Take a second to check out my new track "Infinity" and support me back..
Good luck have a good day...

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CMP Music
CMP Music9 months ago

Well made future bounce! Well mixed as well. ;)

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No Troublxs
No Troublxs9 months ago

Hey! Sick track bro, definitely voted! If you want, check my track and vote for it. Cheers!

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Mistak39 months ago

Good XZX remix! Voted!
Could you also vote for my parade remix ?: D

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AK-YY PANNU9 months ago

I always Vote for others but thay only comment me i vote you bro But thay don't give ,
But i give you vote back if you vote me
For my work bro
I chack my comment in some time

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Σven9 months ago

Hey XZX, allow me to stand out of this comment section for a couple seconds here,

First things first, let me confess that I just ▼ Voted ▲ for your upload, that's the least I can do to give a small helping hand on those messy charts hey,

Now that said, if you took the time to read until there, please know that I would be delighted to help you out even more by taking a look at one of your latest works and giving you my honest opinion and constructive feedback about quality and arrangement on your track, which happens to be kinda hard to find these days; just hit me out in my comments section or even better, on SoundCloud and I'll be really happy to have a talk with you! Like for real haha ;)

Much much respect, and I hope you'll eventually return the favor if you judge it's worth it!

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Juan Andres
Juan Andres9 months ago

Hey hombre que tal? espero estes bien tu track PArade es increible bro

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Anquin9 months ago

WOW this Parade remix is awesome!! I voted for your track:)

Please vote for my track "Abduction!" thanks:3

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X159 months ago

Voted ;) Listen to my record "Stories“ and create your own! 🌈


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VINOMUSIC9 months ago

Amazing remix man, I like the Vibes! Voted for sure!!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!

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Max Maxxwel
Max Maxxwel9 months ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & review my track "Jump (Orignal Mix) OUT NOW " Thanks !🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣

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Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan9 months ago

Awesome track. Voted! Please vote back my Remix "Vinai-Parade" Thanks.

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Laksuss9 months ago

Good song, I voted, Vote for my
VINAI - Pa rade (Laksuss EXTRA BASS Remix)
Follow me on SOUNDCLAUD
I will take you too

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KYRA99 months ago

Nice Track, Check my Parade 'Remix' too..........

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N Effect aka Doro
N Effect aka Doro9 months ago

Wow!!I like what you did what this one, you made some improvements that are actually better than the original track. I hope you do well in this contest. You certainly have my vote. Please take a listen and vote for my track "LET GO". Your comment or feedback is important so if you have some time I would appreciate it. Thank you and good luck!!

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Calu9 months ago

I frkn love this remix! I voted :X
Can you vote for my remix of this track?
I need your support :D

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SolDin9 months ago

Good remix!
Please Vote back.
Check my last track "KSHMR - Wildcard (SOLDIN REMIX)"

You have my Support!

Follow me on
and I'll follow you!
;) -SolDin

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