Myanmar Hip Hop Song with Remix


D4VI4N1 year ago

Nice. VOTED.
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Lusitany1 year ago

Great track! Awesome sound! Nice vocals!
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Good luck

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Mata1 year ago

Cool remix 👏 VOTED 👏 Listen to my new song Underground thank you 🖐

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mueenmusix1 year ago

Awesome track nice concept mastering is good enjoyed your track so voted it.👍
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Good luck👍

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Peter Pinehiller

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VΛSKO1 year ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!!
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DJ DMIXER1 year ago

Wow! Brilliant track. Enjoyed a lot listening to it. You definitely have my vote and deserve top rankings! Anyway just listen to my track SIN CITY and vote! Good luck!😊

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SolDin1 year ago

Good job!
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