this track has that emotional element you need so that you can relate to it but it has a dance vibe aswell enjoy!


Dobie2 years ago

you ask me for genuinely review, so here it is:
1. Fix EQ (High, Mid and low)
2. Reduce reverb and deley on piano
3. Main melody is very nice and promising
4. The song is monotonous, same melody all the time
5. Make new production using main theme and add new stuff to raise theme and energy

Good luck

Score: 0
Emirix2 years ago

thanks dobie appreciate the feedback! :)

Score: 2
Juan Andres
Juan Andres2 years ago

muy genial el intro hermano, me gusta mucho felicitaciones

Score: 0
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Sebbowich2 years ago

Hello i did listen to your track thought it derserve a vote. Good luck Freind

If you got time you can also listen to my track(s) on soundcloud and here asweel. Please give some feedback if you want, I would be very happy.

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SolDin2 years ago

Good job!
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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$2 years ago

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D4VI4N2 years ago

Nice. VOTED.
Please listen to my remix --- VINAI – Parade --- ,vote and leave a comment if you like.
Thank you for your support.

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep working hard on your music , make more tracks for sure and practice. I voted for you! Can you vote too for my newest track too? I also FOLLOWED!

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music2 years ago

This is a nice tune you got there. You got my vote and future support for sure! I got a really nice track out right now called “LET GO”. I really feel like this is the one Spinnin’ falls in love with and gives it a release. I hope you can give me a vote and leave a comment or some feedback about what you think of my track. Follow me on Sound Cloud as well and anytime you ever need some feedback or just a second set of ears to listen to one of your tunes, message me on Sound Cloud, I always support and that’s real. Don’t reply to my comment here because we are not able to see your reply’s unless we come back to the track and review it and I really wanna know what you think. Good luck to you, hope to hear from you soon and thank you!🙏🙏🙏🙏

Score: 0
Lusitany2 years ago

Great track! Awesome sound!
Let's do this to succeed: I vote for you and you vote for me. I already voted.
Follow me on soundcloud and I follow you too.
Good luck
Note: On soundcloud if you make a comment and give me like im my music i vote for you 2 times.

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mueenmusix2 years ago

Hey Cool track it's good voted and supported.. 👍
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Good luck have a good day

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LYWYD2 years ago

Hey ,i like it,VOTED!) Please vote for my last remix!) Thanks!)GOOD luck! )

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Balch2 years ago

Very good job, I like your style, I vote for you!
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good luck****

Score: 0
zchrader2 years ago

Voted! (:

Score: 0
VAISHNO KMR2 years ago

awesome and cool track ,,amazing #EMIRIX . vote for you...✌✌❤❤❤❤
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Σven2 years ago

Hey Emirix, allow me to stand out of this comment section for a couple seconds here,

First things first, let me confess that I just ▼ Voted ▲ for your upload, that's the least I can do to give a small helping hand on those messy charts hey,

Now that said, if you took the time to read until there, please know that I would be delighted to help you out even more by taking a look at one of your latest works and giving you my honest opinion and constructive feedback about quality and arrangement on your track, which happens to be kinda hard to find these days; just hit me out in my comments section or even better, on SoundCloud and I'll be really happy to have a talk with you! Like for real haha ;)

Much much respect, and I hope you'll eventually return the favor if you judge it's worth it!

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Level Dragon
Level Dragon2 years ago

Hello Emirix!You know your track is really AWESOME!Voted,keep working!:D

Also I will be very thankful if you will check my new track "Ancient Ritual" and vote for it!

Thank you so much bro!
Good luck and all the best wishes,Lev L`Dragon

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Nenad2 years ago

Nice music man! Please show your love and vote for my new track ”All The Way“. Thank you and good luck.

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️2 years ago

Hey Emirix, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem2 years ago

Hello I am back ^^, and it could be an honor if
you could make a feedback about my track "Long Road",
Feedback are really preciois for me!

Score: 0
RONGGAR2 years ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & review my track " Story (Original Mix) Thanks !

Score: 0