dance people , vote my track pleaseeeee =)


XRC2 years ago

Hey man, loved your track as it was very unique and the melody was so catchy and overall just fantastic and i will defiantly vote for this (check supported tracks). I found myself humming the melody after listening! I can tell that if you keep working hard, you will make it one day. The only thing i can say you need to work on is to make your kicks more hard hitting as they were a bit to soft but other than that, amazing track. I was also wondering if you could check out my new track called Bubbles and maybe you could vote for it as that would be a huge help. Thanks!

Score: 1
VΛSKO2 years ago

Awesome track dude, I like your Vibes! Voted for sure!
Check my new remix "PARADE" and Vote it back!
You can follow me on Soundcloud. Cheers!

Score: 1