Project Amerika is back with a remaster of Funkin Matt's 'Phoenix'. So if Spinnin' Deep or any other label is listening we want feedback from you, thanks! BTW THIS TRACK IS SUPPORTED BY FUNKIN MATT!


Dmitrii Stucalschi

This is a very good job. I like this track.
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and I'll subscribe to you in return and can also comment on my track alone.
I will be very grateful if you do this.
Thank you!

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Loki.1 year ago

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T*O*M*S1 year ago

nice work fantastik tune
please vote my new tune :
T'O'M'S - Pyxxel Atmosphyre
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Prosto_Volume2 years ago

Hello) I liked your track)
Voted) You can check this out)
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Priom FTW
Priom FTW2 years ago

Wow ! Nice work bro.. I really like this track. Your sound is very much excellent. Good job bro.
I voted this track bro. All the best.

Please vote my new track "Big Boy Wave". Give me your support bro.

Again your sound is enjoyable. Nice work bro.....

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kushiemonster2 years ago

That is a great track! Keep it up!!
Be sure to check my track "fog" too! Thanks!

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jAY_aLEX2 years ago

Another wonderful track that will be forgotten, like an astronaut lost in space. Keep the promotion until spinnin discover this, congratulations to your amazing work and devotion! Votedz

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Altall2 years ago

Good emotions while listening) voted!

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Yellowjzard2 years ago

nice track!!voted!..

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GNott2 years ago

Thank you for your support and vote on my track "Gone" it means a lot! I'm loving this, what can I say, there is a reason FUNKIN MATT supports this! Well mastered, elements are solid, keep up this fantastic work you have my support, vote, and follow on your Spinnin account :)

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Micron kal
Micron kal2 years ago


thank you for your support on my track, and .... of course I support you & your song as well. voted !!
best wishes and greetings from vienna

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samyymusica2 years ago

AMAZING REMIX BRO :D, U HAVE MY VOTE, can u vote for my song "places"? thanks btw man

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

I admire your work. The track is just super. I like it. Voted!

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

voted ! vote back my IS THIS THE WAY ! other tracks BELIEVE , BETTER KNOW YOUR LOVE and TOGETHER ! over 388k soundcloud plays ! THANKS !!q

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JCP2 years ago

What a nice remix!!! Voted!

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Jay Mark
Jay Mark2 years ago

Nice track! Voted.
If you or anyone votes for my track Aurora, I'll vote back.

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CASEMI2 years ago

aaaaaayyyyyy! nice remix
Good work bro!!

VOTED!! and supported !!
I hope you can vote back my last track, good luck!!

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Andre Avalos
Andre Avalos2 years ago


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Scream's2 years ago

Hey mate, I voted you, let's support each other and vote me back on my track "PANORAMA" if you can, if you follow me on my social media i will follow you back also, cya.!!!

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Oliver Young
Oliver Young2 years ago

Awesome track! VOTED. Please VOTE back on my latest track ”Wild minds”. That would help alot!!

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