Future House with a nice vocal. Follow me on Sound Cloud and Twitter. Let's Go!


Tanakornlawan11 months ago

Nice bro ! keep it up !!!

Score: 1
shafzz11 months ago

Hey Neffect !
Really nice Track ! especially the vocals !
You have my vote !
it would be awesome if you could vote for my track (OVER THE HORIZON)
thanks !

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JABG11 months ago

Que gran canción! Sin duda que si hermano! Votado! Tu canción es genial

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DJ Azza
DJ Azza11 months ago

Intro got me so hyped up, Plus that drop is just unreal! Check out my remix for “You Don’t Have To Like it” and let me know what you think please

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Donut11 months ago


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JABG11 months ago

Que gran canción! Sin duda que si hermano! Votado! Podrias escuchar mi canción "voices' y votar y opinar seria de gran ayuda! Tu canción es genial buenos kits y claps

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brianforpresident11 months ago

The intro gets right into it. Nice! I love the filter-build chord progression starting around 00:30. Nice track overall. Who is the vocalist? Voted for sure!

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BeatMaster Slim
BeatMaster Slim11 months ago

Great track! Voted! :) Please vote for my track: Gorgeous!

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The Lost Season
The Lost Season11 months ago

Voted, good work!!

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Audio Aris
Audio Aris11 months ago

I'm not sure if i already commented LOL but i think this is a really good song. I like the pluck sound and how you modulated it.

Score: 0
JayRawri11 months ago

Diggin' this one. Nice One! Voted!

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Numantia11 months ago

Very nice vibe ! :)

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arfaatshaikh54111 months ago

Dude I really love your track and voted! Can u please check one of my track Ampere

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Kisem11 months ago

Nice bro ! keep it up !!!

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Steve Gamarra
Steve Gamarra11 months ago

beautiful excellent you have my vote please vote for my last track called "broken" thanks ><

Score: 0
Luiz & Steckleim
Luiz & Steckleim11 months ago

boa sorte meu parceiro votei eu realmente gostei

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I-Doser11 months ago

Hey, Good Quality Of Your Track And Very Original I certainly hope you can get to the first 10, I wish you much success Bro We see you on the rise of Spinnin Records, You have my vote Bro, I invite you also to review my new track gamer I hope May You, greetings Neffect, Your Friend and Companion I-Doser

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Cryptic alpha
Cryptic alpha11 months ago

Nice backround beat in the drop! Voted :)

Score: 2
LEO TORREMAN11 months ago

I appreciate your vote to my remix, you have my vote

Score: 0
lufffman11 months ago

crazy, the melody is very good, you got my vote

Score: 2