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SEBAXXRZ11 months ago

I like the melody of your track you have my vote, you could vote for me song If You Wanna Love Me Mid

Score: 1
VandenboschDaan11 months ago

Voted and supported,Nice track very good sound!love it! Please can you vote back for my track called lost in time and leave some feedback! thanks

Score: 2
Alexis Voluette
Alexis Voluette1 year ago

very nice production

Score: 2
Oporunndergroud1 year ago

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CASEMI1 year ago

HI bro, Long time no see!

ou mai gad¡¡¡
omg!! Amazing tune!


VOTED!! and supported !!
I hope you can vote back my last track, good luck!!

Score: 2
the Voyager
the Voyager1 year ago

Hey! I really like the vibe of your track! It's so original! You got my vote!!

If you could please check out and vote for my new track ‘Legends’ I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you follow me or repost my tracks on social I always follow and repost back :)

GOOD JOB ! 👏👏👏

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T*O*M*S1 year ago

HEY !!
Super work fantastik tune🔥 !!
VOTED !!!!!!!!
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Annbber & T'O'M'S - Wicked Game

Score: 2
NuVo1 year ago

voted and followed....

love the track,

please vote for our track 'on the line'

Score: 2
Dirtybass1 year ago

Hey bro, I loved your song, it's voted, could you vote for my new track?'

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi1 year ago

Good track, I vote for you. Maybe you'll vote back for my new remix of "House Of Cards". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

Score: 1
The Drunkers
The Drunkers1 year ago

Nice job and special sound! I just voted for you br o!!
Can you vote back?

Score: 2
aaaaxxxx1 year ago

Amazing job, i've voted!

Vote for my "This World We Run" please, hope you'll enjoy it :)

Score: 2
FERLOARG1 year ago

Hi i voted for you!! Voted my track FUEGO =)

Score: 2
BIDD1 year ago

Hey, voted for you, what about helping each other? ^^
I wanted to know of you could vote for my last remix on my profile
Thanks for reading and good luck with the Talent Pool! :)

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Dualed1 year ago

Good vibes!
Voted!Listen to our track and vote if you like it <3

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surjalmusic1 year ago

Good One ! Please Check out my remix of KSHMR's "House Of Cards" and if You like It, Vote ! Cheers ;)

Score: 2
psilocybin.tm1 year ago

Voted, wow bro this song was soo good,
I loved to feel every moment in it.
You will be the best if you never give up this genre.
That music made me your fan for a while. I just listened it more than 3 times.

Please check my track called "House Of Cards Remix"
I will be so happy if you give your important vote back.
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Score: 2
Malcolm Zeller
Malcolm Zeller1 year ago

Voted ! Vote?

Score: 2
Anvvar Music
Anvvar Music1 year ago

Hey..! It’s Anvvar Here.
I Took A Listen To Your Track, And I Really Enjoyed It!
The Melody Of The Drop Is Really Great And Good Mixing As Well..!
You’ve Definitely Got My Vote..! I Really Loved It!
It Will Be Really Appreciable If You Vote Back For My New Track “Little Janet”, And I Hope You Like It ;)
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Anvvar Music.

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mueenmusix1 year ago

Good Work Man, Already voted..Good Luck..

Hope you'll check out my new track "Different Way" and vote me back..!!

Score: 3