A overworked & remastered Version of the Original from 2016 My absolut 1 Big Roomer and the first Song where i celebrated myself a bit :) ;) eNJOY!


IamJake2 years ago

Sick!..Your track is absolutely amazing..the creativity and dynamics of your track really pleases me...you have a talent there bro..anyway,can you please vote also my Nightcall remix too...it will be much better if you leave some of your thoughs/suggestions there..

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller2 years ago

Voted ! Vote back ny LOSE MY MIND! Thanks !zz

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Stemoll2 years ago

Hey guys! It would be cool if you had a listen of my latest remix. In exchange of vote and feedback of course :) :)

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pedrosaid2 years ago

Amazing, congratulations. I'm thrilled to reach the top and my vote is already registered!
Please vote for my remix Feels Like Yesterday, by Mike Williams and Robin Valo
Good luck Bro

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Heeey, voted for your track, it would be nice if you could give my latest submission a listen and vote for it if you like it :)

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Rosedown Prescott

Voted !!! Please, check out my remix of “When I Grow Up” by The Beach Boys too please :).
Thanks & good luck.

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

BURN666, we promote & repost music every week 100% for free to our 150,000+ followers! To submit your track: Use the link at the top of our Spinnin’ profile or message us @teammbl on SoundCloud! We look forward to hearing your music! From: musicbyLUKAS (TEAMMBL Co-Founder).

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TEAMMBL2 years ago

Voted, BURN666! :)

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ElektroHaze2 years ago

Hey mate :)

You got a great song, deserved to be voted!
I also followed you.

Would thank you a lot, if you vote for my new track „Beach Colors“ and follow me back!


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Dante Davis2 years ago

Wow, I really like this. You earned my vote man! Maybe vote back on my latest remix? I know you'll like it.

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Dj Matvey
Dj Matvey2 years ago

(Excellent track)! Have voted! Please vote for my remix Martin Garrix & David Guetta - So Far Away. Thanks and good luck!!!

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MEZ0oR2 years ago

I loved the Big Room drop, but the vocals there are just excess. keep up the good work BURN. Voted, I also hope you'd check my remix of 'House Of Cards', only hours left so let us help each other.

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Andy Jaymes
Andy Jaymes2 years ago

Love this track! Good work-- If you wouldn't mind could you please vote for my new track "Morar"? Please don't hesitate to comment and let me know what you think of it and I am more than happy to vote back, just let me know. :) Follow me on SoundCloud and I'll give you a follow back. All the best, Andy

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chumash_official2 years ago

Really good Track! Voted! You deserve a high rank! Would be nice if you check out my latest release "Let me go"!
Maybe we can collab in the future because you are a talented guy! To stay in contact with me just follow my socials! :)

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BARTØ2 years ago

♪♪ I really enjoyed it! Thanks! Good luck with your music - you definitely have my vote!!! ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

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PROJECT ARJK2 years ago

Nice touch on main the synth, gives your track smooth and energetic vibe. Also cool production, voted.

I would really appreciate if you would vote back on my track " That`s life “, best of luck to you and your music!

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Sxul2 years ago

Keep it up , its fine but try to improve every sound , but i voted and followed! Wish you the best!

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4 ᴀ ǫ ɪ ʙ ᴍ

Fire , after long time i heard what i wanted you.
excellent job dude, keep doing these kind of stuff, its sick and amazing..
from my opinion you deserve top 5 of spinnin record , so see you winning the track of the month..
voted and supported. don't forget to hear my song ' Early This Morning ' give your support...

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psilocybin.tm2 years ago

Voted, wow bro this song was soo good,
I loved to feel every moment in it.
You will be the best if you never give up this genre.
That music made me your fan for a while. I just listened it more than 3 times.

Please check my track called "House Of Cards Remix"
I will be so happy if you give your important vote back.
Otherwise just follow soundcloud. I will be so happy
if you give some time for that.:)

my track is on TOP2 now but i want to be a TOP1, it deserves like your track :)./.

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mavstril2 years ago

Nice track bro . voted . pls do listen to my track 'Infinite' and vote if you like it bro . Thanks alot..

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