This time, Annasky really presents something else ... something so different, that you want to go out and dance right away. Super sounds of emotions Music by: Annasky BPM: 130 Year: 2018


Ashkan2 years ago

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lwallin042 years ago

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

I really liked this track. Just unbelieveble. Very beautiful melody. Voted!!

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic2 years ago

very good keep on making music ann my vote

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Willy Broady
Willy Broady2 years ago

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TUT2 years ago

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Deleteddd2 years ago

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TUT2 years ago

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi2 years ago

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Rosedown Prescott

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Kanstan2 years ago

Nice spacey pad and voc chops. Voted for your growth!
My feedback is: work on blending essential parts (bass, melody, drums) to get a harmony and solid sound base.
Overall - great job! Keep going!
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Thank you

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Sons Of The Empire

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tHe Caretaker
tHe Caretaker2 years ago

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LAFAYETTE βœͺ2 years ago

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Waimis2 years ago

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