Elizaveta Vladi - Noir

Elizaveta Vladi

To be honest, "Noire" frightened me at first. His dark synthetic layers, enveloping the space of my room, and his oppressive atmosphere, gloomy and infinitely beautiful, with difficulty formed into a single whole. Continuing my experiments, I could not imagine that I would come across a similar "electro blues" that reminds of "WhiteRabbit" from Jefferson Airplane or something of this kind, that filmmakers like to use in drugthriller movies.



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Dj Sinde
Dj Sinde1 year ago

buen trabajo,genial cancion dejo mi voto

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Great work here. Love it! :)
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SIRTO1 year ago

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Martim A J
Martim A J1 year ago

Hi, very nice track, good job!I'll follow you, I enjoyed your work.

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

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Bambi jerry
Bambi jerry1 year ago

Very Good Music ,
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May Sin
May Sin1 year ago


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Dj_Alex_Sanchez1 year ago

Awesome track
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Nice! VOTED!

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SoldierOfStreet1 year ago

Nice track . Voted :)

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Alibakhshi1 year ago

Good job,
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Hijack SONAR
Hijack SONAR1 year ago

Super sexy melody! Vocal hums are cooler. Vocals are cooler, too!

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Elc1 year ago

So hard track!and nice piano melody. I like it.
I'm glad if you listen to my remix track.

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its amazing this track the bass line its so great and the vocals .in general this track its so beatifull

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Dj Russo
Dj Russo1 year ago

I voted :D

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Exodipe1 year ago

Good piano, good style :)

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djfuriouss1 year ago

What a track, I loved It!! Voted!! Can you please vote back for my track "FURIOUSSITY"??


Good Luck!!

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Voted back. Very unusual song.

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