Love Myself

Wild Culture

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Kenneth V
Kenneth V1 year ago

build up is really nice, drop sounds really chill with the future bass chords
good luck in the contest

Do you wanne take the time to check out and VOTE for my remix of Love Myself 😘😃
I'm currently on place 6 in the contest ranking
Thanks you very much for your time 😝

~ Kenneth V ~

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TEAMMBL1 year ago

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TEAMMBL1 year ago

Mike Amon Voted! :)

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DIM.1 year ago

please check out my remix and vote for it
thanks mike

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JIMMI1 year ago

wow such a great job you have my vote bro !!!!!!!!!!!
Listen to mine and please vote <3

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Kenneth V
Kenneth V1 year ago

make the track a bit louder, it misses the loudness, drop is awesome with the wobble future bass synth

Do you wanne take the time to check out and VOTE for my remix of Love Myself 😘😃
Thanks you very much for your time 😝

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N Effect Music
N Effect Music1 year ago

Nice work on your remix here. I think you have a shot, you definitely got my vote. I always leave a vote before asking for one so if you can please vote back for my track "PARTY STARTER", I would greatly appreciate it. Follow me on Sound Cloud if you would ever like some feedback on any of your tracks in the future, or if you need a like or comment or a vote in the Talent Pool. It's my way of showing support to all those who support me. Good luck in the contest!!!!!!!!

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Dix Wille
Dix Wille1 year ago

Crazy! Voted! Can you vote back for my remix? Thanks in advance

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aaaaxxxx1 year ago

Hey there, good job, i've just voted for you <3
Could you please vote for my new track "Cyclone", hope you'll enjoy.

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Laytiti1 year ago

love this song! good tracks!

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Dillan Stephensonn

Great track, voted. hope you can take the time to look at my Remix and vote back. thanks :)

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1Tc1 year ago

Great Job, I like it so much!!! VOTED!, would appreciate it if you checked out my Remix "love myself" and drop a Vote if you like it <3 :3 ^^

...../ )
.....' /
---' (_____
......... ((__)
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....... -'((__)

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VibeSauce1 year ago

Awesome bro. I'm doing the same contest, please listen back to my track!

Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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TalTson1 year ago

WOW blasty remix, not surprise it Have so many votes. Mine sounds kinda the same :)

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Fuse X Rush
Fuse X Rush1 year ago

Hi .
I realy like that
Everything is perfect
You got my vote for sure
and pls take the time to vote my New Remix of Love Myself
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You got my support
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And pls don´t fake the vote THX .

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IVORY Music1 year ago

So dope remix,really original and creative,you have had a great idea on making this remix,you have my vote and support,congrats.

it's boring to say but i' m in the same contest and it would be amazing if you vote me back.
good luck mike

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Peter Pinehiller

voted! vote back my THE PAIN YOU LOVE ! thanks !

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi1 year ago

Good job, I vote for you. Maybe you'll vote back for my new single "Noir". Follow me on SoundCloud, and I'll follow you!

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