Can we get to top 5?!!


kushiemonster1 year ago

Nice track man!!!
Be sure to check my track 'vibe' too!

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

I really like the buildup! Voted.
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Dante Davis1 year ago

I like what I hear. You have my vote. Maybe vote on my latest remix too? Check it out I won't disappoint you.

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Harp3r1 year ago


Voted plz vote back on my track Rocknrolla.


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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Great work here! Voted.
Listen to my latest track "Vibes" and show some love. Vote for it if you like it!

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

congratulations,for being up!!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! I hope you do not forget to listen to my traks

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Annihilation1 year ago

Insane track, voted! You got a very good sounddesign and mastering. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote back for my new track "Coco Jambo". Wish you good luck in the contest! :D

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Dj MTi
Dj MTi1 year ago

Amazing .. !! I hope to make a collaboration with you someday.
Well while it happens I ask you to vote for my Track "Funkastarz (Dj MTi Edit)
Thank you continue like this .. !!

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Bargus1 year ago

Hi bro nice track i love it and voted. Check out my latest track ''Rising Turk'' and vote please :)

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MAHDI1 year ago

🔥 Good vibes, keep it up, give the voted back

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Ema Covers
Ema Covers1 year ago

S&M, I voted for you, you could vote on my new Bring Di Fire remix, please, I'll thank you so much: 3
Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back! :D :D

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Voyce Official
Voyce Official1 year ago

Cool track! VOTED! Make sure to have a listen to my newest track "CARNIVAL ANTHEM". honest feedback will be appreciated! :)

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Dopee! Please vote my last track!

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X151 year ago

Voted ;) I’m back with my new crazy remix to “Dannic & Rob & Jack - Bring Di Fire” 💥 Enjoy these Club vibes 😈 🔥

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Simon Fella
Simon Fella1 year ago

Nice track, I like how your lead sounds :) nice job go further like this, Voted!

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BenceSudar1 year ago

Woah! Good luck for top 10! I helped you with a vote :D But can you PLEASEEEE vote back to my song "Fight Me"? THANK YOU IT WOULD MEAN A LOT!

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SONRRi1 year ago

voted, now I'm waiting for your vote...

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S&M ☑
S&M ☑1 year ago

Got it Brother!

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Trunkz1 year ago

voted, yeahh great track broooo

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Live Sound Device

Good track, interesting beat change on the break. Keep it up! Voted!

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AtakanTekin1 year ago

Dannic x Rob & Jack - Bring Di Fire( Atakan Tekin Remix ) Enjoy!

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