By the time the opening lines of ‘Redemption’ have fizzled into that epic, introspective pop chorus, you know that you’re in the unmistakable grasp of Fabio Carry. Following on from smash hits ‘Panamalu’ and ‘Lose U’, Fabio Carry strikes gold for a third time with a soulful, RnB tinged pop number to set clubs and house parties alight – again. Brimming with fervour, excitement and tropical house sensibilities, ‘Redemption’ is a song that might never have existed. Laying lo


JAZZIO4 months ago

Sick future bass and pop vibes! You got my vote.

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Varad Mulay
Varad Mulay4 months ago

liked ur track!
That are really good builds!
U got my vote!
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Mowgly4 months ago

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann4 months ago

This future house sound is dope. My new track "Vibes" is out now, take a listen and vote for it if you like it!

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Gin Sylën
Gin Sylën4 months ago

you have my vote !!!! vote for my music (lonely girl)..

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G-Sauce4 months ago

voted! pls vote back :)

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Annihilation4 months ago

Insane track, voted! You got a very good sounddesign and mastering. Hope you get what you earn for the hard work. Please vote back for my new track "Coco Jambo". Wish you good luck in the contest! :D

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Pillbery4 months ago

Good, jobb broo

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REEWIL4 months ago

dope track brother !
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X154 months ago

Voted ;) I’m back with my new crazy remix to “Dannic & Rob & Jack - Bring Di Fire” 💥 Enjoy these Club vibes 😈 🔥

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PROJECT ARJK4 months ago

you have my Vote :) Nice track and good work. Hope you will get what you earn for your work. It would be great if you vote back for my new remix " bring di fire ". Thank you

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Hypomanic House
Hypomanic House4 months ago

Nice track! Voted. You really got it going. Love it!

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Nuuklox☑5 months ago

Great track and good job keep it up , i have voted your track , please vote my new remix "Lucid dream":)

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arfaatshaikh5415 months ago

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CLEOZIP5 months ago

Nice track.. Voted.. Check to my track DROP.... Hope you can vote it back

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Birdzend5 months ago

It's a good track, please vote for my remix to Dannic and I'll vote for yours👍

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Dj MTi
Dj MTi5 months ago

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Edan5 months ago

vote for vote?

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Hypomanic House
Hypomanic House5 months ago

Nice track! Voted. You really got it going. Love it!

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