Hi, let me introduce our new song " LET'S GET DRUNK" with videoclip. Hola, Dejenme enseñarles nuestra nueva canción "LET'S GET DRUNK" con videoclip. :) Support us :) SHARE & LIKE & ENJOY (invite your friends) https://youtu.be/EdJlVRSH1Xk Special thanks: Calma Estudis Bradon John Grobler THANK YOU & #letsgetdrunk #oneteam #onecommunity #partypeople #partysong #clubs #djs #promoters #producers #singers #rappers #nevergiveup #mallorca #ibiza #miami #fiesta #majorca #baleares #bars #yayaoffici


DJ INSPIRE1 year ago

verry good job i have voted !!!
Please vote back to my new Remix My Love

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Vale End
Vale End1 year ago

Hello My name is Vale End
I was wondering if you could take a listen and if possible let me know if it is of your liking, and I appreciate your time.......
Best Regards!

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dygrid1 year ago

like the drop lead...i like the idea in general...voted. vote back if you like my track?

Score: 1
Sphinx1 year ago

Awesome job dude!!! ! Voted! (Please check out my track ''Alive'')

Score: 1
M.X1 year ago

Amazing, I like yours way, voted, If you could, vote for my new song "Find my way", thank you, enjoy :)

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Fhat Chance
Fhat Chance1 year ago

Voted !! Nice work
Can you check out my new remix
Panic Room.
and vote back if you like

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JuLiMz111 year ago

hi Ya-Ya, thanks for your vote, here's mine, good job

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cwong1 year ago

the vocals are really nice and the melody and sound is sick! Only thing I would say is that the kick is barely audible in the drop. Maybe add a heavier sidechain on the huge lead and bass and bring up the volume more, or layer the kick with a top kick or a high click sound to help it punch through the mix as it sounds just like its the low end. Good work none the less, and if you want to check out my song that'd be much appreciated as well!

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CoenvdE1 year ago

wow! supported, check out 'mistakes" as well im realy proud of this track!

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eicos&Diver1 year ago

hello YA YA,
please vote for our remix "my Love"

we have already vote your song,
best wishes,

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AdamDarling1 year ago

Sick track, i voted back!

Score: 1
Natsuki Ryu
Natsuki Ryu1 year ago

I vote your song!
Nice track!

Score: 1
Natsuki Ryu
Natsuki Ryu1 year ago

Nice track!

Score: 1
Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd1 year ago

hey! awsome track :) you’ve got a BIG VOTE from me :D please vote back if you like my new track: Andrew Shepherd - Plus

thanks :D9öő

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Stranger's Theory

Voted...i had texted u in insta regarding a collab..lookinh forward fa ua reply

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kra4os1 year ago

wooow, VOTED! amazing track bro! can you help me with my track ETERNO?

Score: 1
laugier gregory official

Belle piste j'ai voté pourquoi pas un jour faire une collaboration 👍

Score: 1
YA-YA1 year ago

thank you.. ;)

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S.O.Dmusic1 year ago

Amazing track!alredy voted

Score: 1
Aspenius1 year ago


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1977004843674021 year ago

Voted,hope you can vote back sbds2

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